Sustainability of Healthcare Awards and Colloquium

The Bond University Sustainability of Healthcare Awards and Colloquium were developed with the purpose of promoting and raising awareness of best practice in high value health care and recognising the achievements of those in the community who are advocates and pioneers in this area. 

Sustainable Healthcare aims to improve health outcomes while using resources wisely. Sustainable health interventions should be evidence-based, effective, minimise waste, affordable and able to be implemented in the long term without accumulating adverse consequences for society or individuals.

The event

The Sustainability of Healthcare Colloquium will feature keynote speaker Dr. John Brodersen from Denmark and a diverse range of national, international and local experts.  Join the interactive forum and live debate on how diseases are defined, redefined and diagnosed, overdiagnosis and the sustainability of healthcare. The Colloquium runs from 1pm to 4pm followed by refreshments and networking time prior to dinner.

The Sustainability of Healthcare Awards features international keynote speaker Dr. Vinay Prasad who will discuss the promises and risks of precision medicine, and how the best interests of patients can be put first.  Guests will then hear the winning national healthcare innovation projects across the five dimensions of Healthcare Policy, Practice, Education, Research and Health Literacy. The dinner event begins at 5.30pm and includes a three-course meal and drinks.

Guests can choose to attend the day, night or both sessions

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2019 sponsors

HealthCert is Australia's leading education provider for medical professionals. Dedicated to improving patient outcomes and saving lives, we have helped over 9,000 doctors in the last 12 years upskill through CPD- accredited and university quality assured certificate courses and professional diploma programs.

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Health Service 360 are an award winning development consultancy with over 17 years’ experience of supporting health providers across the UK, Australia and NZ to deliver care they are proud of. They deliver results to providers who need help with improving patient experience, developing leadership, culture change, 360 feedback or service improvement. 

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Concerto Analytics specialises in the development and deployment of analytic software solutions for large enterprises and works collaboratively with innovative business partners who are specialists in change management, technology, engineering, project delivery, benchmarking and operational improvement.

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Award categories

  • Health Literacy Award – for increasing public understanding of sustainable health
  • Practice Award – for sustainable health intervention that is being implemented
  • Research Award – for increasing understanding of causes or interventions for sustainable health
  • Educational Award – for increasing understanding in students of sustainable health
  • Policy Award – for driving improvements at regional or national level

All nominees and award winners will be recognised at the event for their contribution to Sustainable Health Care, and winners will be given the opportunity to speak about their submission to the wider audience.

Award category prize

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, each award category winner will receive a $5,000 bursary to use towards their sustainable healthcare project.

Keynote speakers

John Brodersen

John Brodersen is general practitioner with over ten years’ experience in clinical practice. Dr Brodersen has a PhD in public health and psychometrics and works as a professor in the area of prevention, medical screening, overdiagnosis, over medicalisation, evidence-based medicine and multi-morbidity at the Centre of Research and Education in General Practice, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen & at the Primary Health Care Research Unit, Region New Zealand.

His research is focused on the balance between benefits and harms of medical prevention, diagnostic test accuracy, informed consent and what the psychosocial consequences are for healthy people when they are over medicalised.

Vinay K. Prasad

Vinay K. Prasad MD MPH is a hematologist-oncologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University. He is assistant program director of the Hematology Oncology Fellowship Program. He also holds appointments in the Division of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and as a Senior Scholar in the Center for Health Care Ethics.  He is nationally known for research on cancer drugs, health policy, and evidence-based medicine.

Sustainability of Healthcare Awards and Colloquium

2018 Sustainable Healthcare Award Winners

Sponsored by HealthCert

Awarded to NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation + University of Tasmania Graduate Certificate (Clinical Redesign)

In 2014, the Centre for Healthcare Redesign at the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) partnered with the University of Tasmania (UTAS) to deliver its highly regarded 12-month Clinical Redesign Program as a postgraduate qualification. ACI and UTAS content was combined to produce a Graduate Certificate award course that is practically applied in the workplace, delivered in a blended learning model and meets Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) 8 requirements. The resulting program not only provides students with an understanding of person-centred sustainable healthcare but also the skills and confidence to design, implement and evaluate health service improvement initiatives. An academic institution partnering with an innovative healthcare organisation to deliver a postgraduate qualification of this type is unique. The long-term outcomes of the program are multifaceted and are experienced by the participant, the organisation they represent, the consumers and the wider health system. In 2018 the Program has 113 students enrolled, and with each intake demand exceeds capacity.

Sponsored by Health Service 360

Awarded to The research team evaluating the trial of embedding emergency department nurses in the local watch house

The initiative implemented involved embedding emergency department (ED) nurses in the local watch house (Southport). The ED nurses supplemented the existing domiciliary nurses so that a 24/7 nursing presence in the watch house was possible. The role of these nurses was to provide assessment and management (under forensic medical officer supervision) for detainees in the watch house requiring healthcare, to provide continuity of care, reduce the need for transfer to the ED, and reduce the potential risks associated with the early police detention period. The initiative has addressed Sustainability in Healthcare in terms of

1) Improving efficiency and maximising high value care by having highly skilled, interested and vested ED staff providing care in the watch house under the supervision of a forensic medical officer

2) Improving effectiveness by minimising low value care and waste by reducing the number of transfers from the watch house to the ED.

Sponsored by Bupa Health Insurance

Awarded to Health Lit 4 Kids Project Team

HealthLit4Kids is an education package designed for use in schools to raise awareness of health literacy and prompt discussions about health amongst teachers, children, families and communities. Health literacy is the ability to find, appraise, understand and apply information to look after your health. Health literacy is a dynamic state as it can change over our lifetime, or when presented with new or unfamiliar health settings or information. When health literacy is low, it has been linked to poor health outcomes, medication errors, lower use of preventative health services, misunderstanding of health instructions and greater use of hospitals. Previous statistics report that 63% of Tasmanian adults do not have adequate health literacy to manage their health. HealthLit4Kids wishes to turn this figure around and empower all Tasmanians to manage their health and wellbeing and reduce inappropriate use of our scarce health resources. HealthLit4Kids involves three professional development workshops and an individualised school-wide action plan to empower teachers and students to explore, discuss, design and share resources to improve the health literacy and health of Tasmanian children. Recognising that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t always work, HealthLit4Kids provides teachers, parents and the students with an opportunity to consider the health literacy needs of their school and health issues of concern in their local school community.

Sponsored by Osler Technology

Awarded to Wiser Healthcare

The Wiser Healthcare Research Collaboration is the Australian organization responsible for the “Preventing Overdiagnosis” initiative, which is supported by partners around the world including Dartmouth College, the British Medical Journal (or BMJ) and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University. The initiative covers a broad spectrum of activities, both national and international. Globally the initiative includes the flagship international scientific conference called “Preventing Overdiagnosis” – the 7th of which was held in Sydney, Australia in 2019. In Australia, the initiative includes a series of national meetings to develop a National Action Plan (MJA, October 2018) on overdiagnosis and related overuse, with influential healthcare stakeholders, which have culminated in the emergence of an important new alliance aimed explicitly at enhancing sustainability in Australia’s healthcare system. The global and national elements of this initiative have directly helped to focus the attention of clinicians, researchers, research-funders, policy-makers and the public, on the problem of harm and waste caused by unnecessary diagnoses and treatments, and the need for responses to these problems, to maintain health system sustainability. Indirectly this initiative has helped foster the development of many scientific research projects, both in Australia and globally, currently seeking to understand the threats to the sustainability of healthcare systems and address them.

Sponsored by Concerto Analytics

Awarded to Choosing Wisely Australia

Choosing Wisely Australia is an initiative that improves the quality of healthcare by reducing the use of tests, treatments, and procedures that have no proven benefit or, in some cases, lead to harm. Choosing Wisely Australia encourages clinicians and consumers to start a conversation about what care is truly needed, identifying which practices they provide are helpful and which are not. A significant cross-section of Australia’s health professional colleges, societies and associations have joined Choosing Wisely Australia as members and supporters of the program. These organisations identify clinical practices that warrant scrutiny and, drawing on the expert opinion of their members, apply the latest evidence to develop lists of recommendations around tests, treatments and procedures that should be questioned. These recommendations are promoted to their professional membership and supported by Choosing Wisely Australia through media launch campaigns. Health services actively use these recommendations to address unnecessary interventions in hospitals. The Choosing Wisely Australia initiative encourages consumers to ask five key questions of their healthcare professional to help them decide whether there is value in having the test, treatment or procedure. These questions relate to the necessity of the test, treatment or procedure; inherent risks; associated costs; consideration of other options that might be simpler or safer; and what happens if the consumer does not undertake the proposed test, treatment or procedure.


"Winning the 2018 Sustainable Healthcare Award for Education has led to an increased recognition of the important work our company does, as well as helping with creating a better understanding among senior administrators of healthcare organisations about the benefits of partnering with industry"