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Dr Amanda Tauber

Senior Teaching Fellow

Level 1, Building 5, Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond University

Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine

Research interests

I am currently a PhD student in the school of Health Sciences and Medicine, and am presently studying the design, development and evolution of PARP14/ARTD8 inhibitors for the treatment of various cancers. I have developed practical skills in organic synthesis, enzyme assays and computational chemistry. Although I am now in a medicinal chemistry field, I come from a Biomedicine background and am very interested in the biomedical application of chemistry. During my PhD I have also served on the Bond University Research Committee, Bond University Higher Degree Research Subcommittee, and acted as the president of the Bond University Postgraduate Student’s Association amongst various other clubs and societies.

I have had the pleasure in taking part in a variety of science communication outlets including FameLab (National Finalist) and 3-minute thesis (Competed in the Oceania Competition) in 2019 where I had the opportunity to discuss my research in a fast-paced 3-minute nature. I have taken this love of science communication, and become heavily involved in the innovation of science education. Alongside my chemical education team, we have developed a series of gamified virtual laboratories which can be used in undergraduate laboratories to substitute the laboratory experience for those overseas, and compliment the learning outcomes of in-person students. Our research continues in this area, investigating the best methods to optimise student learning, engagement and enjoyment with secondary and tertiary education.

Fields of Research

  • Clinical sciences

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