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Reporting and Referring Student Wellbeing and Safety Matters

Bond University is committed to building a safe and supportive campus for everyone. We all play an important role in making this work. For this reason, anyone can notify the university about situations that require attention:

  • Students can seek support or make a report of their concerns.
  • Staff can seek support for, or report issues concerning students.
  • Members of the public can report concerns regarding misconduct, unwanted behaviour and inappropriate behaviour.

There are three core student support streams within the BondCare network. Any student-related concerns, complaints, issues, and requests for support should now be logged via BondCare rather than any other University support channels. There is the ability to lodge anonymously via BondCare. However, if you lodge anonymously, we will not be able to request additional information or provide support to you.

The three streams are:


For students who are concerned about themselves or their peer’s physical or mental wellbeing. Staff can also submit a referral for concerns about a student’s academic, physical, or mental wellbeing. 


Sexual harm

For students, staff or members of the public to report incidences of sexual harm. 


General misconduct and unwanted behaviour

For students, staff or members of the public to provide feedback, make student-related complaints and report misconduct, unwanted behaviour and inappropriate behaviour.


After reporting/referral

Bond University will review the details and activate a coordinated response to support the student. Students identified as requiring support will be offered the opportunity to engage with staff and support services to discuss their support needs. If you provide contact details, we will contact you about your concerns to discuss what can happen next.

If your report/referral entails concerns for another person, we may contact that person.

Following up

If you need to follow up regarding the status of a BondCare report/referral submission, or if you have additional information, contact us directly at [email protected]. Bond University may need to request additional information for clarification.