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Health Sciences & Medicine facilities

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With the right tools at your disposal, learning becomes immersive, interactive, and ultimately, exciting – an educational experience that really leaves its mark. So much of mastering hands-on careers in health sciences and medicine is about effective practice, which makes the learning facilities and resources available to you a crucial component.  

Let’s take a look at what students within our Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine have access to throughout their study…  

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Dr John Kearney Anatomy Laboratory

Our Dr John Kearney Anatomy Laboratory is located within the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine building and is a primary teaching location for classes within biomedical science, exercise and sports science, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and medicine programs. Fitted to handle human cadaveric material and equipped with an extensive range of modern anatomical models and microscopes, it’s the perfect place to practise hands-on skills both in class and as additional study.

Clinical skills rooms

Adapting to the hospital or clinical setting is made seamless through a number of state-of-the-art clinical skills rooms, which are utilised by medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nutrition and dietetic practice students. Designed to build foundational practical experience, every room reflects the current clinical practice standards and features equipment used in real-life settings. These rooms are often used for simulations, either with patients or fully interactive ‘patient’ mannequins.

Exercise and sports science laboratories

The Bond Institute of Health & Sport (BIHS) is home to a huge range of facilities that support and develop practical skills pertaining to exercise and sports science, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nutrition and dietetic practice. With a number of spacious labs decked out with the latest equipment and technology across exercise evaluation and prescription, biomechanics, physiotherapy and more, students will gain the necessary knowledge to enter the workplace with confidence.

The High-Performance Training Centre

The world-class High-Performance Training Centre is located at the Bond Institute of Health and Sport, and is the only centre in Australia to have been awarded a 2020 – 2023 Strength of America Award for its strength and conditioning standards. National and international sporting teams frequently use the training facility, so students based at the Institute are regularly witnessing some of the world’s best athletes and coaches in action.

Health science laboratories

Biomedical science and health sciences students also need their fair share of laboratory time, which is why we have additional health science laboratories located in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine building. They are used by academics, researchers and students across the University to explore diverse study areas including pharmacology, physiology, chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and genetics. Equipped with the latest technologies, students are encouraged to also use the labs outside of classes for self-directed learning.

Pathology Museum

Founded by one of Queensland’s most well-respected pathologists, Professor David Weedon, the Pathology Museum features a comprehensive and extensive collection of diseased specimens and their relevant histories. Available to all students and staff, the Pathology Museum is used as a teaching tool across the Faculty and is often the site of public health presentations to Bondies and to the wider community.

Physiotherapy facilities

Training to become a physiotherapist at Bond is an immersive experience built on the foundation of hands-on, practical knowledge and experience. Facilities housed within the Bond Institute of Health & Sport include specialised physiotherapy teaching spaces and smaller clinical skills rooms, all equipped with modern technology and features that simulate real-life physiotherapy clinics.

Clinical Education & Research Centre

Located on the ground floor of the Robina Hospital, the Clinical Education and Research Centre (CERC) is a collaborative project between Bond University's Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine and Queensland Health.

It provides a Simulated Learning Environment and is the first site in Queensland to achieve the highest level of accreditation as an affiliate 'skills centre' with the Queensland Health Skills Development Service.

Local clinical training

Training is located locally in the hospital - in a clinical environment with real-world hospital processes - that assists the transition of students to working with patients and clinical teams. Bond students and Robina Hospital staff participate in the care of patients suffering a diverse range of clinical problems, with the aim of improving skills in patient assessment, communication, leadership and teamwork. Clinical teaching sessions include simulated patient ward rounds using this technology as well as audio-visual display, facilitated by both Bond academic staff and hospital clinicians. 

Interior of Health Sciences & Medicine building.


Explore our Health Sciences & Medicine building

This precinct is home to an incredible array of facilities used every day by students throughout the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine. Let Medical Program student Maddy show you around.

Bond Institute of Health & Sport

Home to our Bond exercise, health and sports science, and physiotherapy students, the Bond Institute of Health & Sport also houses our health and sports science laboratories which are used for research and athlete testing by our students. It features the High-Performance Training Centre, swimming pool and temperature contrast pools as well as an altitude room. 


Take a tour of the Bond Institute of Health & Sport