Dr Vernon Coffey

Level 1, Building 5, Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond University

Professional biography

Vernon is a lecturer and researcher of Exercise & Sports Science within the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine. His teaching focuses on the physiological basis for exercise prescription and contemporary methods in sport science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Since undertaking a PhD in exercise physiology in 2003 his research career has focused on understanding the molecular bases of training adaptation in skeletal muscle. He spent several years as a post-doctoral researcher continuing study of the molecular aspects of muscle physiology and extending this work to include nutrient-training interactions. Vernon’s main interests are in translational research that attempts to bridge the gap between mechanistic and applied physiology. A primary emphasis of his work has been to try and understand the interference effect with concurrent resistance and endurance training, and the specificity of training adaptation. He is also currently involved in research examining the genetic regulation of skeletal muscle mass and applied sport science projects with swimming and triathlon Australia and professional team sport athletes.

Vernon has previously held the position of Head of Graduate Research for the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine and has previously been an invited speaker to Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) and American College of Sport Medicine conferences.


  • Exercise Prescription and Practice 1 (SPEX13-318)
  • Advances in Sports Science (SPEX71-218)
  • Research Analysis for Sports Science (SPEX71-219)
  • Sports Science Research Project 1 (SPEX72-211)
  • Sports Science Research Project 2 (SPEX72-212)


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Honours), Bond University
  • Doctor of Philosophy , RMIT University