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Feedback and complaints

We understand that if you are seeking support in lodging a complaint, you are probably already feeling annoyed by a decision or service that has been provided by Bond University or by the conduct of a Bond community member. We are dedicated to making the complaints process as simple, transparent and accessible as possible. 

Follow the links to submit a complaint to us. Students, staff, members of the broader Bond community, and the public are welcome to use the complaints and feedback portal. Relatives, friends or other support persons are welcome to help you in making a complaint. However, we will need your written consent to process a complaint that does not come directly from you.

We are committed to protecting your privacy in this process in accordance with Bond’s legal obligations and University policy. Please refer to the FAQs below for further information. 

The University understands that an unfavourable decision may cause stress and anxiety for some people. Therefore, we provide confidential counselling and support services for staff and students experiencing stress and anxiety. For more information, visit our page on wellbeing services.

The Office of Integrity is also happy to provide advice about your complaint, including your next steps. 


Make a complaint or provide feedback to Bond University

Complaints and feedback portal



The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. 

— David Hurley (n.d.)

Response to sexual harm

Bond University is committed to fostering a safe environment for everyone within the Bond community. This includes taking a firm stance against all types of sexual harm. 

If you would like to learn more about Bond's response to sexual harm, please visit the FAQs on the Office of Integrity page

For support options, please visit the following link. 



We undertake to manage your grievance respectfully and fairly. Please endeavour to do the same when dealing with us and any others involved in your grievance.

Unreasonable, offensive, belittling, derogatory, abusive or threatening conduct will not be tolerated.