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Compulsory compliance requirements

An exciting component of many of Bond University’s Health Sciences and Medicine programs is the opportunity to attend clinical placements, preparing you to practice in a variety of roles and diverse settings. To be eligible to attend, you will need to fulfil all compliance requirements for your program allowing you to work at Australian health facilities. This includes police checks, working with children checks, additional training, and providing evidence of your immunity to infectious diseases.

The Compliance Handbook provides detailed information and instructions for each requirement. The Handbook is designed to be used online, with quick links to all relevant sections, websites and forms to simplify each task. It is important you read and understand the entire Handbook and complete all relevant sections prior to the Orientation Week (O-Week) deadline. Please note that students are responsible for any costs associated with their compliance, including any vaccination and serology costs. View the additional compulsory costs.

Compliance Deadlines

Your compliance requirements are due in Orientation Week (O-Week) of your first semester to allow time for your evidence to be checked and assessed in the lead up to your first placement. The entire compliance and verification process can take a few months (or longer if a new course of vaccinations is required), so it’s important to start right away.

If you do not meet all the compulsory requirements by specified deadlines, you risk being ineligible to undertake placements and progress in your program.  

Where to submit your compliance documents

All compliance for students of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine is managed through Osler, a clinical governance and performance platform. As you complete each compliance task, you will need to upload your evidence to Osler. For instructions, please read the Osler Handbook

Conscientious objection to vaccinations

Bond University's Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine and our partnered health facilities do not honour conscientious objection to vaccinations. If you are a “non-responder” to one or more vaccines or have contraindications to vaccinations, we recommend you consult with an Infectious Disease Physician to discuss risks and options prior to undertaking your chosen program.

Pregnancy and your studies

If you are pregnant during your studies, specific guidelines apply to ensure the wellbeing of both you and your baby and that you receive the support you need. Download the Pregnancy and your studies guidelines.

Undertaking a Health Sciences and Medicine program can be physically and emotionally demanding. Please let us know if you have special needs we can accommodate to help you succeed in your studies. If you are pregnant, have conscientious objections to vaccinations, a criminal conviction or health challenges that may make it difficult to complete the requirements of your program or register to practice with your relevant registration board, please seek guidance from HSM’s Office of Student Affairs & Service Quality prior to commencing your program (or during your program if your circumstances change). Contact [email protected].  

More information

Compliance is your responsibility but we are here to help make the compliance process as easy as possible for you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Compliance Officer if you have any questions:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +61 7 5595 5825