Compulsory compliance requirements

As a student in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, the program you have chosen may require you to attend clinical placements which can be scheduled in a range of health facilities in Australia. To be eligible to attend placements, students must satisfy what is referred to as compulsory compliance requirements such as police checks, vaccinations and induction processes. It is therefore essential that students meet the compliance requirements particularly for placement in health facilities in QLD and NSW.

The Compliance requirements schedule outlines the requirements for each Health Sciences & Medicine program.

Your compliance requirements are due in Orientation Week (O-Week) of your first semester to assess your Compulsory Compliance Requirements and associated forms and evidence. Once you have received a letter of offer to the program, you will receive an email from the compliance officer with further details regarding your compulsory compliance requirements. Detailed information including all forms and documentation can be found in the Information Booklet. 

Students who are unable to provide documented evidence of compliance or who have not otherwise met the requirements by specified deadlines will risk their ability to undertake placements and therefore could be at risk of progressing in the program. There is a significant amount of paperwork to complete and evidence of compliance to gather, thus it is  imperative that you begin working through these requirements as soon as possible. 

Bond University's Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, and their partnered facilities do not honour conscientious objection with regard to vaccination, please refer to the Information Booklet. Students who are vaccine “non-responders” or those with medical contraindications to vaccination are recommended to consult with an Infectious Disease Physician to discuss risks and options prior to undertaking the program.

Students who are pregnant or become pregnant during their program will be required to provide a medical clearance certificate from a registered medical practitioner confirming that the student is safe and able to participate in all activities required to achieve the objectives of their degree program, including placements. The medical certificate must be provided as soon as possible.

Information booklet

The Information Booklet outlines the Compulsory Compliance Requirements necessary for Bond University, New South Wales Health and Queensland Health. These include police checks, working with children checks, first aid and CPR qualifications, criminal history checks, specific placement requirements and orientations, and detailed information regarding your immunisation and vaccination requirements. Please read and understand this entire document and take time to complete the relevant sections prior to O-Week.

Within this booklet is a checklist which should be used to ensure that you have completed everything that is required ensuring a smooth introduction into your Program. 

View the Compliance Information Booklet

Security, compliance and orientation documents (referred to as Sections 1 & 2)

The information and forms under these sections cover specific requirements for both Queensland and NSW Health plus Blue Cards, Police Checks, other security checks and discloser forms such as the ClinConnect discloser form. Please ensure that you are familiar with and understand the content.

If you need any assistance or clarification please contact [email protected]

Immunisations and vaccinations (referred to as Sections 3 & 4)

The information and forms under these sections will assist you to gain compliance with regards to infectious disease screening and vaccination. The primary form within this section is the 'Immunisation and Health Record Form', and should be used as a source of information and guidance. You will be required to submit the completed 'Immunisation and Health Record Form',  supporting evidence and all other forms in this Section.

The Exposure Prone Procedures (EPP) Declaration form is an annual requirement.

More information

For a list of approximate associated costs, please see Additional compulsory costs.

If you require clarification or have any question in relation to the information provided or have any compliance questions, please contact:

HSM Compliance Officer on [email protected] or +61 7 5595 5825.