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The Bond University Sustainable Healthcare Awards have been developed with the purpose of promoting and raising awareness of best practice in high value health care and recognising the achievements of those in the community who are advocates and pioneers in this area. 

Sustainable Healthcare aims to improve health outcomes while using resources wisely. Sustainable health interventions should be evidence-based, effective, minimise waste, affordable and able to be implemented in the long term without accumulating adverse consequences for society or individuals.

Award Categories

  • Health Literacy Award – for increasing public understanding of sustainable health
  • Practice Award – for sustainable health intervention that is being implemented
  • Research Award – for increasing understanding of causes or interventions for sustainable health
  • Educational Award – for increasing understanding in students of sustainable health
  • Policy Award – for driving improvements at regional or national level

2018 Sustainable Healthcare Award Winners

Highlights - Sustainable Healthcare Awards 2018

Award Sponsors

Osler is an ePortfolio designed to provide clinicians of all ages, specialties and streams to monitor the health of their practice.

By aggregating multiple metrics of their clinical performance, Osler allows users to identify and manage their own performance needs.

Through monitoring of clinical activity, attendance tracking, learning, in-workplace assessments, self reflection, patient and peer feedback and peer assessments, Osler users can best understand where to invest their valuable self-improvement time.  In addition, Osler facilitates more efficient learning through structured educational pathways, supported by in-workplace assessment and certification.

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Health Service 360 are an award winning development consultancy with over 17 years’ experience of supporting health providers across the UK, Australia and NZ to deliver care they are proud of. We deliver results to providers who need help with improving patient experience, developing leadership, culture change, 360 feedback or service improvement. We are also the originators of the global patient safety movement #EndPJparalysis, which encourages patients to get up, dressed and moving while in hospital.

Our team is made up of clinicians, consultants and coaches, all of whom have a thorough understanding of health sector culture, and most have worked in leadership roles in the National Health Service. Our team is credible, we listen and we challenge the status quo in a constructive, solution-focused manner.

HealthCert is Australia's leading education provider for medical professionals. Dedicated to improving patient outcomes and saving lives, we have helped over 9,000 doctors in the last 12 years upskill through CPD- accredited and university quality assured certificate courses and professional diploma programs.

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Concerto Analytics specialising in the development and deployment of analytic software solutions for large enterprises. 

Concerto Analytics works collaboratively with innovative business partners who are specialists in change management, technology, engineering, project delivery, benchmarking and operational improvement. 

Together we develop customised turnkey solutions for our customers that help them make better data based decisions.

Value based healthcare is about linking dollars spent to outcomes that matter to patients, rather than to volumes of services or to specific processes or products that may or may not achieve those outcomes.   Costs cannot be ignored – as high costs limit how many people can be served. So measuring value means looking at the improvement in a person’ health outcomes for the money spent to achieve that improvement.  Bupa are working with key stakeholders to determine how we can work with providers to best create value for patients and move from a volume based service focus to a value based service focus.

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