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Team 2022-2023

The 2022 student BUSA group stand in front of an indigenous painting smiling at the camera


The BUSA team consists of 20 highly dedicated volunteers made up entirely of currently enrolled students. Their vision is to constantly and consistently improve the student experience at Bond and beyond. They remain your voice on campus and are professional, highly motivated and focused on their individual portfolios as well as the overall BUSA vision.


President - Alara Slattery

Treasurer - Lachlan Dalton

Secretary - Zoe-Jayne Cilliers


Vice President (Education) - Evie Mason

Wellness Director - Sophie Gerlach-Zuch

International Director- Aaliyah Mohammed

Postgraduate Director- Andrew Satori

First Nations Director - Shonteia Warradoo


Vice President (Recreation) - Cameron Vele

Social Director - Qiana Whittle

Clubs and Societies Director - Olivia Chudleigh

Clubs and Finance Liaison- Zac Brunetto


Vice President (Representation) - Saxon McGregor

Inclusion Director - Alexander Kirchner


Vice President (Sport)- Clinton Walsh

Sporting Events Director- Angus Kitchin

Sporting Clubs Liaison - Juliette Oliver


Marketing Director - Mahli Leighton

External Relations Director - Stella Cole

Publications Director - Alyce Ayton

Get to know your BUSA team

  • Hi! I am Alara Slattery, and I am the current President of BUSA for the 2022/23 term. I’m a blocks local, originally from Brissy, in my sixth semester of a double degree in Law and International Relations, and I love a Thursday night Dons sesh! Throughout the 2021/22 term, I was the Vice-President (Sport) of BUSA, and Director of Corporate Sponsorship on Bondstock, so I have learnt the ins and outs of BUSA and Bond as a whole! In my opinion, Bond campus should be a social hub for students to meet people, have a boogie, and occasionally have one too many vodka-redbulls. It should also be a place where people can make connections, engage in learning, and pull Week 12 all-nighters in the MLC. First and foremost, the priority is the students, you guys! It’s about working to ensure that you all have the best possible experience. Over this BUSA term, the whole committee will do everything that we can to make sure that you love your time at Bond, and we are always here for a chat. My focus is to liven Bond campus by taking advantage of international students’ return and on-campus classes. We aim to further improve the student experience. Feel free to say hi if you see me around campus, and I’m always here to support you all.

    President - Alara Slattery
  • Hey, my name is Lachie Dalton, and I am the current BUSA Treasurer for the 2022/23 term. I have moved up from Sydney to study a double degree in Law and Actuarial Science. If you don’t see me “studying” in the library, I’m probably in the MLC after a Maccas run trying to attempt an all-nighter with Alara Slattery (our President). Furthermore, I am a highly motivated student, who is organised and committed to ensuring that high-quality work is delivered in an efficient manner. I have three passions in life: (1) a cheeky bevvy on a Dons night, (2) another couple of cheeky bevvies on a Dons night, and (3) ledgers (the financial ones). As Treasurer, I want to be able to ensure transparency and equity between each of the clubs at Bond. This can be achieved by ensuring that each club feels comfortable approaching me to discuss funding and budget decisions. The executive pod team and I are looking to further sustain a ‘better bond experience’ through achieving diversity, developing a culture, and maintaining support. I will also strive to ensure that the next 12 months are one of excellence for BUSA and the University community. Please always feel free to contact me with any questions or queries.

    Treasurer - Lachlan Dalton
  • Hey bondies! I’m Zoe Cilliers and I’m the new BUSA secretary for 2022/2023. I’m currently in my third semester studying a bachelor of sport management and am a blocks local. As the secretary, I help in organising and planning our weekly WBTW sausage sizzles and organising other aspects of the BUSA committee. I plan to work with Alara and Lachlan in order to build a better bond community. I look forward to this next year!

    Secretary - Zoe-Jayne Ciliers
  • My name is Evie and I am currently the Vice-President for Education! I study a dual degree in law and psychological science, and am from Toowoomba but live at the Gold Coast. However, I am always around on campus for a chat and what not! My vision for the role of Vice-President Education is to expand the scope of arts at bond through a new BARTs initiative. This will enable students to access their creative side - whether it be a boogie on the dons dance floor or an orchestral jam session. Moreover, I hope to assist in fostering an environment between staff and students where education and respect are of the foremost value. Through the committees I sit on and my involvement in student life at Bond, I hope to not only meet but succeed in the full capacity of this role!

    Vice President Education - Evie Mason
  • I believe wellbeing is important to promote at Bond as it is very easy for students to get caught up in their study load when undertaking such fast-tracked, content-heavy degrees. To me, wellbeing is a holistic concept. It involves one’s mental, physical, social, and spiritual health. Thus, ensuring student wellbeing requires a focus on all aspects of students’ lives. In my position as Wellness Director on the 2022/23 committee, it is my hope to encourage students to look at their wellbeing holistically, through events and initiatives that place an emphasis on all areas of their health and wellbeing.

    It is my aim to improve upon:

    • Access to student support services across campus,

    • University sustainability by putting in place measures that focus on the environmental impact of daily campus life, and

    • Emphasising and celebrating the multicultural backgrounds of our students.

    Ultimately, it is my goal to work with as many people across campus to achieve an environment where everyone feels heard and supported.

    Wellness Director - Sophie Gerlach-Zuch
  • Hello Bondies! My name is Aaliyah, and I am BUSA’s 2022/2023 International Director. I am originally from Canada and have been on the Gold Coast since May 2022. I started at Bond in 213 and am currently halfway through the Juris Doctor program. My goal as International Director is to be an advocate for international students and to help bridge the gap between international students and domestic students. As an international student myself, I understand the feeling of missing home and the necessity for a community. By running the Global Food Fest and hosting events in collaboration with other cultural clubs, I hope to help make Bond a second home for you. If you see me around, feel free to say hi!

    International Director - Aaliyah Mohammed
  • My name is Andrew Sartori and I am the Clerk of Barristers Chambers based in Sydney and the Tweed Coast, with much of my work undertaken remotely from the Gold Coast where I am enrolled in the Juris Doctor program. I am in charge of a legal-tech based project designed to overhaul the internal and external Barristers Chambers communication systems. Why am I a good fit for the role of Postgraduate Director? On a daily basis, I speak with people from all walks of life; from incarcerated criminals in correctional facilities, instructing solicitors for privately run civil litigation, barristers briefed directly for serious criminal matters, legal aid solicitors running family divorce settlements, through to internationally appraised lawyers who have worked on high profile cases for Julian Assange, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. This is to say I deal with very different people very often – and believe this would be a great asset in assisting postgraduate students and their associations in the facilitation of questions, issues and enquiries between themselves and Bond’s respective stakeholders across all faculties. 

    Postgraduate Director - Andrew Sartori
  • Hey you Mob! I’m Shonteia Warradoo, an Umpila, Kuuku Ya’u and Widjabul Wia-bul woman from Brissy, studying a Bachelor of Policy, Philosophy and Economics as of 231. I’m a blocks local who can often be found “studying” in the Nyombil Centre. As the First Nations Director my position is all about advocating on behalf of mob here at Bond to make sure we have equal footing in all university matters. In my role, I aim to cultivate connection and understanding of First Nations experiences and knowledges to promote cultural awareness. I love a good yarn, so if you ever see me around campus don’t be shame come say hi.

    First Nations Director - Shonteia Warradoo
  • What's good everyone? My name is Cameron Vele, your current Vice-President (Recreation) on BUSA for 2022/23. Whilst writing this, I am currently in my 6th semester of a double degree in Law and Arts, and this is actually my second year on BUSA. Here is a quick speed date with me. I am from the Gold Coast but originate from Papua New Guinea and would somewhat consider myself a Don’s local. A massive part of my role on BUSA is facilitating your Thursday night Don's sessions and convening Bondstock, making them nights you'll remember whether or not you fold before leaving the Blocks. However, I am also here to help you book equipment, organise your afterparties, or if you need anything recreation related. What I can assure you though, is that Bond's student Rec game will be stepping up tenfold. I am also always around campus, so stop and have a chat; always keen to meet new people. But yeah, that’s basically me. Chur, Cameron.

    Vice President Recreation - Cameron Vele
  • Hi my names Qiana (Kiki) I’m the social director for the 2022/2023 committee. I began my studies in 211 after finishing school here on the Gold Coast. My role on BUSA is organising Dons & recreational events on campus for the students. After 6 semesters here it’s fair to say I love a Thursday night Dons bevy & dance. My goal throughout my role will be to constantly improve the social events to become as enjoyable as possible and encourage all students to come along to meet new people & have a good time (when you’re not drowning in assignments). Don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you’re unsure about social events happening or where to go to get out there and mingle. 2 truths 1 lie: I’m studying Communications, I love exchange students & I hate Cavill Ave.

    Social Director - Qiana Whittle
  • Hey! I’m Liv and I’m the Clubs and Societies Director on BUSA. I am studying a double degree of Law and Business and started at Bond in semester 211. I’m originally from Adelaide and currently live on campus at the Blocks. I’m on the Bond Cheerleading and Dance Team and also love a game of social netty. 

    As the Clubs and Societies Director, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity of being involved in setting up new clubs, communicating and assisting with student executive members, and organising Club Sign On Day and Club Executive Awards. I believe that the clubs and societies at Bond are a key part of what makes the student experience so special and unique, as there is something for everyone to get involved in! 

    Clubs and Societies Director - Olivia Chudleigh
  • As a North Queenslander, I understand the significance of bettering oneself to improve the collective. Armed with my values of transparency, consideration, and reliability, it is my belief that I can and will bring a wealth of efficiency to the Bond University Student Association during the term. Tasked with the role and subsequent responsibilities of the Clubs and Finance Liaison, a new era of quick and effective communication between clubs, societies and the finance sector will become the norm. Alongside the Treasurer and the Clubs and Societies Director, the Bond University Student Association will thrive as both the engine and the heart of the University, ensuring clubs are well looked after and events run as smoothly as possible. Hello, my name is Zac Brunetto and I look forward to serving you as the Clubs and Liaison for the 2022/23 term. 

    Clubs and Finance Liaison - Zac Brunetto
  • Hi Bondies, I’m Saxon McGregor. Strong and positive representation is essential, so I work to uphold and develop the current student advocacy and support services available to you at Bond University as your Vice-President of Representation. I am currently in my third semester of studying Law and International Relations and have gotten to know the University well through my engagement with BUSA’s Advocacy Subcommittee and as a Resident Fellow. I am a vehement voice for you, whether that be for your academic or disciplinary matters, differently abled or LGBTQ+ concerns, as well as anything to do with your Bond experience. Thank you for your trust and endorsement.

    Vice President Representation - Saxon McGregor
  • Hey Bondies, my name is Alex Kirchner and I'm in my second year, studying Law and Business. I have profound hearing loss in both ears, which motivated me to get the role of Inclusion Director, as this is something I'm very passionate about. My experiences make me a personable and compassionate person and motivate me to ensure that the Bond experience remains as inclusive as it can be to all people, whether it be social, cultural, or educational.

    In my role, I will ensure that our campus remains physically accessible, and all students are able to access their education without disadvantage or discrimination. I aspire to cultivate an environment that is inclusive of all individuals by serving as a voice for any communities which may be disproportionately affected.

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out – together we can make the Bond experience more inclusive and accessible for all.

    Inclusion Director - Alexander Kirchner
  • Hi! My name is Clinton Walsh, and I am the new Vice-President (Sport) on BUSA 2022/23. I am in my first year studying a Bachelor of Laws and Actuarial Science. I am originally from Sydney but currently, live at the Blocks. Sport has played a crucial role in my life, helping foster many of my friendships and develop transferable skills in other aspects of life. I absolutely love playing, watching, and engaging in sport which dictates most of my spare time. Sport at Bond holds a very similar purpose to this, where students are able to meet new people and develop relations that assist the overall student experience. As such, I am dedicated to maintaining and developing Bond Sport by increasing the involvement of all sporting clubs. To do so, I will work closely with all Sporting Club Presidents and directly grow each individual club in accordance with each club’s goals. I also serve as the point of call for all Club Sport matters throughout the year.

    Vice President Sport - Clinton Walsh
  • Hello, my name is Angus Kitchin and I am the 2022/23 Sporting Events Director for BUSA! I am from the Gold Coast and currently study a double degree of Business and Commerce. My position involves promoting and organising sporting events as well as developing a general interest in sport amongst the student body. It is my goal to contribute to Bond’s reputation of providing students with an exceptional on-campus experience by coordinating fun and inclusive sporting events.

    Sporting Events Director - Angus Kitchin
  • Hi there! My name is Juliette Oliver, and I am the Sporting Clubs Liaison in the current BUSA committee. I am studying a Bachelor of Laws and I am currently involved in the Basketball Club at Bond. This role is brand new, and I have the honour of being the first to have it! My vision for the role is to continue to embrace the strong and diverse sporting culture by putting in hard work behind the scenes, alongside my fellow sports pod members who share my vision. I will combine my passion for sport with my diligence and organisational skills to fulfil this role to the best of my ability.

    Sporting Clubs Liaison - Juliette Oliver
  • Hi, my name is Mahli Leighton, and I am the BUSA Marketing Director for the 2022/2023 term. I am a Gold Coast local but love to travel. You may have seen me either at the Thursday night Dons events or taking photos at Bond events around campus. I am currently studying a Bachelors of Film and Television and have previously been a part of the Marketing Pod on Bondstock. Over the course of the year in my role, I plan to help and support my fellow committee members in planning, creating, and distributing marketing collateral for BUSA events and initiatives. I hope to provide more informative and eye-catching publishing to all the social media platforms regarding the events and general campus social amenities, and ongoing services provided by Bond. By acting as the primary point of communication between students and the association I aim to create a friendly and approachable online and in-person presence whilst also ensuring our platforms are easily navigable for assistance or direction to any of BUSA's services. Please feel free to ask me for any help or guidance if needed, and don't be afraid to say hi :)

    Marketing Director - Mahli Leighton
  • Hi Bondies, I’m Stella! I am currently completing a dual degree in Law and Policy, Philosophy and Economics. My prerogative in the role of BUSA’s External Relations Director is to facilitate sponsorship and Alumni relations which will benefit you. From collaborating with new companies who stand for what we value as Bondies, to nurturing the relationships BUSA has already developed with external vendors, current students will see more deals and discounts than ever before. We endeavour to embellish the student experience with the involvement of companies that honour a variety of different cultures, interests, and social pursuits. My persuasive and persistent approach to building enduring connections has ensured that student discount programs, sponsorship agreements and on-campus activities are all impending. 

    External Relations Director - Stella Cole
  • Hi! I am Alice Ayton, your new Publications Director for the 2022/23 BUSA Committee. I am from the Sunshine Coast and am currently studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Accounting which I began at the start of 2022.

    In my role, I hope to encompass all the incredible opportunities Bond has to offer through student views and achievements. Across my publications, I wish to not only give each and every student a voice but also an outlet to express this voice to passionate readers in the Bond University community. I believe canvasing a broad range of student views is more important than ever right now as our international students have returned and campus life is booming again.

    Throughout my term I will ensure the weekly newsletter provides a collated space where students can look to the one place for all university involvements. I am also extremely excited for the upcoming editions of our beloved student magazine BOUND, which will continue to be published semesterly with a redeveloped marketing campaign aiming to increase readership.

    I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store!

    Publications Director - Alice Ayton
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