Myriad Mission

Myriad is Australia’s leading innovation festival, and this year there is an unprecedented link to Silicon Valley.

In October 2017, Queensland’s First Chief Entrepreneur, Honorary Adjunct Professor and Transformer Advisory Circle Member Mark Sowerby, reached out to Bond University with a proposal: 20 tickets for our students, alumni and industry connections to travel on a chartered Qantas flight from San Francisco to Brisbane for the annual Myriad Festival.

But it was to be no ordinary flight. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop connections and network with more than 100 A-list entrepreneurs, tech experts and investors from Silicon Valley. From here Myriad Mission, a Bond University study tour running from 9-18 May, was created and Bond University became the official sponsor for Myriad Air and a Neon partner of Myriad.

Myriad 2017

Myriad 2017 brought together the Australian startup and innovation community for two and a half days of inspiration, education and a whole lot of fun! Find out more about Nerds on a Bird.

Myriad Departure Lounge

Watch Myriad 2018 LIVE from the Transformer!

With an overwhelming response and limited spaces, we could not accommodate everyone to be on the flight or attend the Myriad Festival in Brisbane. So we have brought the Myriad Air and Festival to the Bond campus by creating the Myriad Departure Lounge, mirroring an airport lounge, providing a business class experience to our students, alumni, community and industry!

Location: Transformer
Day 1: Thursday, 17 May
Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: Transformer
Day 2: Friday, 18 May
Time: 9am - 4pm 

Join us for live keynote presentations from some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs including:

• Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive of CSIRO
• Annie Parker, Global Head of Startups of Microsoft
• Clementine Jacoby, Product Manager of Google Maps

No registration is required!

View the program here.

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