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Faculty of Law

Message from the Executive Dean 

You may be a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor student hoping to become a lawyer, or to use your law degree to boost your chances of success in any of a wide range of professions. You may be a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice student looking to satisfy the practical requirements for admission to practice. You might be a Master of Laws student looking to build upon your existing legal knowledge and expertise, and take your legal career to the next level. You may be a student enrolled in one of our programs for non-lawyers, looking to acquire an insight into our legal system. Or, you might be a research student completing a PhD or Doctor of Legal Science (SJD). Whatever type of law program you are enrolled in, your experience as a Bond Law student is certain to be engaging, stimulating, and rewarding.

Bond Law consistently ranks highly in terms of overall quality of the student experience for very good reasons. At Bond, we have some of the best law teachers and scholars in the country delivering innovative law programs using world-class teaching facilities. We are committed to providing an exceptionally high-quality learning experience characterised by a professional and practical emphasis, a global focus, small classes, and personal attention. National and international legal experts in a variety of fields contribute to the delivery of programs at the cutting edge of contemporary legal scholarship and practice.

With a Bond Law degree, your success as a global legal professional is assured.

Professor Nick James
Executive Dean of the Faculty of Law


Prestigious. Professional. Progressive.


We are a prestigious School of Law, defining what is best in professional and skills based legal education, imbued with a spirit to innovate, a commitment to influence, and a dedication to educating and inspiring tomorrow’s global legal professionals through a personalised and transformational student experience.

We are dedicated to advancing the understanding of law and legal issues in their domestic, comparative and international contexts; engaging in high quality legal scholarship; and promoting and encouraging ethical and professional approaches to the study and practice of law.

We are committed to local and global social responsibility, justice under the rule of law, and preparing our students to succeed, lead and inspire in a rapidly changing global legal environment.

About our Faculty of Law

For almost two decades, the Bond University Faculty of Law has ranked highly in Australia for overall quality of student experience. Recognised both nationally and internationally as one of the country’s best law schools, the Bond University Faculty of Law is constantly innovating and challenging the norm to produce better lawyers.

Our exceptional academics and professionally-focussed programs have help to redefine Australian legal education. Our graduates enter the workplace as reflexive, passionate, and skilled professionals. Over 85 per cent of Bond law alumni obtain careers in the legal profession within four months of finishing their degrees.

Outside of the classroom, we are committed to driving change in the legal sector through research and initiatives designed to support our local and global communities. We understand our capacity to have a profound impact on the future of law, both within the Faculty and the broader University, and this is reflected through world-first initiatives like our climate law and legal transformation majors and specialisation.

With our foundational undergraduate programs and a range of postgraduate opportunities designed to enhance and specialise students’ existing knowledge, brilliant law careers truly are built here in the Faculty of Law.

The Bond law difference

Our professionally focussed approach to fostering work-ready law graduates is exemplified by our practical skills and professionalism program, and the embedding and scaffolding of legal research, reasoning, legal writing, drafting, dispute resolution, communication, advocacy, and ethical skills across the entire law degree.

Bond Law students graduate with exceptional professional capabilities including:

  • Legal research and reasoning skills
  • Legal writing and drafting skills
  • Dispute resolution and collaboration skills
  • Oral communication and advocacy
  • Legal ethics and professionalism

Students benefit from our world-class facilities including technologically advanced moot courts and legal skills rooms. Practical initiatives such as the Bond Legal Clinics Program also help facilitate learning through an opportunity to develop legal skills and a professional identity in pro-bono settings where students work with real clients.


Clerkships, mooting and more

What’s a clerkship, why should you get involved in mooting, and what’s life really like as a law student? Meet Bachelor of Laws student Becci and hear her perspective.

How we rate

The Faculty of Law’s rankings and ratings reflect the University’s spectacular reputation for student experience, teaching quality and more. We regularly top the charts both in Queensland and nationally across a number of key categories.  

A personalised approach to study

No two legal careers look the same, which is why we offer a variety of pathways to studying law.

Undergraduate study

Undergraduate students can choose to enrol in the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and complete the program in only 8 semesters (2 years and 8 months) of full time students, or combine the LLB  with a supporting program such as International Relations, Arts, Journalism, Communication, Biomedical Science, Psychological Science, Business, Commerce, or Actuarial Science. If they are interested in a law degree that does not lead to admission as a lawyer, they can enrol in our 6-semester Bachelor of Jurisprudence or Bachelor of Business Law programs. We also offer a 2-semester Diploma of Legal Studies as an alternative pathway into the LLB.

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate students with a non-Law qualification can enrol in our 6-semester Juris Doctor (JD) program to become eligible for admission as a lawyer. Legal professionals can choose to further refine their legal knowledge and skills with a 2-semester Master of Laws (LLM), including various specialist LLMs such as the Master of Laws in Family Dispute Resolution and the Master of Laws in Enterprise Governance.  Non-legal professionals can apply into the Master of Laws in Family Dispute Resolution or the Master of Laws in Enterprise Governance as per the requirements for admission purposes.

Practical training

After completing the Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor, students can enrol in our fully online 2-semester Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP) program to complete the practical training required for admission to legal practice.

Bond University Law Advisory Board

At Bond University, we take great pride in the collaborative synergy between the Faculty of Law and the legal profession. This connection is embodied by the Faculty of Law’s Advisory Board. Comprising accomplished professionals and experts in the field, the board plays a pivotal role in advising the Faculty, guiding legal education at Bond, and ensuring alignment with the evolving needs of employers and stakeholders. The Board’s strategic guidance informs curriculum enhancements, provides insights into emerging trends, and helps to ensure that our students graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their legal career. 


Bond Law facilities

At Bond, the law school experience goes far beyond traditional theoretical learning. Our state-of-the-art Legal Skills Centre has purpose-built facilities where you will develop your practical legal skills by, for example, appealing a trial judgment in one of our moot courts, leading a negotiation or undertaking a client interview in one of our skills rooms. A comprehensive suite of online resources will support you to learn more about and further develop each of your legal skills.

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Taking a global perspective

One of the factors that distinguishes the Faculty of Law at Bond University from other law schools is our international focus. With a wide variety of international law electives and specialisations, and staff and students from over 90 countries, we provide a genuinely global learning experience that equips our graduates with the expertise and mindset to practice law anywhere in the world.

Our flexible degree structures and three-semester-per-year timetable make it easier than ever for international students to commence study with Bond at a time that suits them. Plus, specialised majors such as our Canadian law major, which equips students with the relevant knowledge to dive right into practicing law when returning home to Canada, only strengthen our commitment to global, adaptable degrees and careers.

With so many study options delivered by some of the best law teachers and scholars in the country, Bond’s Faculty of Law is your gateway to success as a global legal professional.

Faculty centres

Centre for Commercial Law

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Centre for Professional Legal Education

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Centre for Enterprise Governance

Read more about Centre for Enterprise Governance

Centre for Dispute Resolution

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About Faculty of Law graduates

Our alumni are forging exceptional careers at both law firms and across the full gamut of industries, from tech to healthcare, the arts and more. Graduates will complete their studies with a well-rounded skillset that will ensure they’re able to thrive in and influence the legal profession.

Industry connections, programs and student support

Industry connections

Faculty of Law students regularly secure clerkships and industry placements that allow them to experience the legal profession firsthand. Our strong ties to a number of boutique and top-tier law firms ensure that students can connect with industry and pursue their passions long before they graduate.

Baker McKenzie Eminent Visitor Program

Baker McKenzie has been a philanthropic supporter of the Bond University Faculty of Law since the Faculty’s inception in 1989. In the tradition of this support, the Baker McKenzie Eminent Visitor Program hosts short-term visits by distinguished individuals from around Australia and overseas to the Bond University Faculty of Law.   

Visiting and External Scholar Programs

The Bond University Faculty of Law Visiting Scholar Programs host academics from around Australia and overseas to undertake research and to participate in the academic life of the Bond University Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Law’s Visiting Scholar Program hosts academics on campus while our External Scholar Program hosts academics on an online, remote basis.

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Student support

Tertiary study can be challenging, and student health and wellbeing has always been a priority at Bond. The Faculty of Law understands the stress of student life which is why our Student Affairs and Service Quality staff provide a point of contact for students who may need help navigating the complexities of enrolment, progression, examination, and graduation.

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