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Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine

About the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine

Bond’s Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine has earned a reputation for the excellence of its education and research in the medical, health and sport sciences. It is our mission to stay at the cutting edge of healthcare education and research, which is supported by our innovative, accelerated programs and world-class facilities. Whether students aspire to take on the healthcare sector as a clinician or an innovator, lead research in their field of choice, or practise as a medical doctor, an exciting career in the health sciences begins right here.

At Bond, student experience is at the heart of everything we do, and this shines through across the breadth of our program offering. Every student in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine has access to small class sizes, personalised attention from skilled academics and work experience and internship opportunities throughout their degree.

What also sets us apart is our willingness to pioneer new methodologies, practices and techniques in both the teaching and research arenas. Bond University offers the fastest pathway to gaining your Doctor of Medicine in Australasia through our Medical Program that sees students begin as undergraduates and complete both components of their training in just 4 years and 8 months. We spearheaded Australia’s first Doctor of Physiotherapy program, and our pioneering educators have invented technologies, in use at Bond and other institutions, that allow students to explore the human body in 3D and augmented reality.

Bond’s Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine has fostered thousands of exceptional graduates now working as highly-skilled healthcare and health research professionals – discover why.

Explore clinical experiences and classroom technology

Gone are the days where learning was confined to textbooks and lectures – at Bond, our learning experience stands out, with cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality. Associate Professor Dr Christian Moro and PhD student Charlotte Phelps explain.

Show and tell, AR edition

How we rate

The Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine at Bond regularly tops the charts across crucial student experience, graduate outcomes and employer satisfaction categories in national surveys, aligning with the University’s overall results. 

  • Health services and support


    • 5 stars and #1 in Australia for all student experience categories: Skills Development, Teaching Quality, Learner Engagement, Learning Resources, Student Support and Overall Experience (2021-2021 Student Experience Survey; 2023 Good Universities Guide).
    • #1 in Queensland for overall graduate satisfaction (2020-2021 Graduate Outcomes Survey).  


    • 5 stars and #1 in Queensland for all student experience categories: Skills Development, Teaching Quality, Learner Engagement, Learning Resources, Student Support and Overall Experience (2021-2021 Student Experience Survey; 2023 Good Universities Guide). 

A learning experience like no other

All of the academics, researchers and support staff within our Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine are dedicated to creating a valuable learning experience that will see students enter their industry of choice with the knowledge and skills necessary to hit the ground running, and succeed. 

Our academics have spent, and continue to spend, time in industry honing their craft, giving them a comprehensive understanding of how to teach high-level concepts. They also offer all their students individualised support.

When it comes to specific programs, students will learn from these incredible minds in highly practical settings – something that’s key to becoming an industry-ready graduate. Many of the subjects within our health sciences and medicine degrees have a hands-on component that will see students learn in a simulated lab or hospital environment, often with ‘simulated’ patient actors. Then, depending on their study area of choice, students may also gain opportunities to put their skills to the test with real patients in clinic, hospital, community or private practice settings.

We also have a strong commitment to student wellbeing, with a team of staff, including a full-time registered psychologist, dedicated to ensuring students are supported throughout their studies.


Limitless opportunities

Then, there are those standout moments that give the Bond student experience an unbeatable edge. For a medical student, it could be helping to deliver a baby during a placement on a remote island or in an Indigenous community. For an exercise and sports science student, perhaps it’s working with elite athletes from major national or international sporting teams and honing their skills on high-grade professional training equipment at the Bond Institute of Health & Sport (BIHS). Budding nutrition and dietetic practitioners might undertake an internship or overseas study tour, while a research and PhD candidate could reap the rewards of learning from international experts in the Clem Jones Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

Regardless of the field they pursue, and whatever unique experiences become the highlight of their time at university, our graduates will leave Bond with the confidence, clinical experience and compassion to become a health professional that can make a real difference to people’s lives.

What you can study

Explore the Health Sciences & Medicine building

Medical Program student Maddy takes Regional Manager Sean Johnson on a tour of the bustling hub for health sciences and medicine at Bond.

A tour of the Health Sciences & Medicine building

Where our graduates are now

The professional outcomes for Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine graduates are boundless, and that’s reflected by our diverse cohort of alumni. Bond graduates will join a talented group of innovators, leaders and big thinkers working all around the world.

Our commitment to meaningful research

Research is at the core of Bond’s Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine and is reflected through our comprehensive facilities and the exceptional staff that work on cutting-edge research every day.

We are home to the internationally-renowned Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare (IEBH), which is headed up by some of the world’s leading experts in evidence-based medicine and clinical practice. The IEBH produces globally-recognised research across a range of interest areas and works with partner organisations to develop tangible solutions to real-world healthcare problems.

Including IEBH, our faculty is home to five research centres and a plethora of research groups designed to support ongoing research efforts in addition to creating adaptable and reflexive graduates who emerge from their studies ready to problem-solve, challenge dated ideas, and ultimately, enact change.

Explore our research centres

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