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Bond Law Radio


Bond Law Radio is a series of engaging and inspiring podcasts about the law, the legal system, legal practice and legal education. We engage legal scholars, legal practitioners and law teachers to speak about their areas of expertise, their latest projects, their passions and their ideas.

We will be adding new episodes periodically, so please be sure to tune in on a regular basis.

Any questions you may have can be directed to [email protected].


Meera Klemola

Episode one: Meera Klemola on the Importance of Legal Design

When you think of law, what springs to mind?  Wigs and gowns? The judge’s gavel falling? Or maybe big decisions being made in corner offices high up in glitzy towers?

The legal industry is often thought of as nothing more than endless litigation in court and the delivery of complex legal advice.  In reality, contemporary legal practice has much more to it.

Legal professionals advise clients on a diverse range of matters, - from corporate mergers and acquisitions to development applications to workplace injuries to criminal matters and family disputes.  When delivering these services, complex laws and legal jargon can often be lost in translation.

The result of this is a sizeable disconnect between the legal industry and the end user of legal information.
One professional seeking to bridge this divide is Bond alumna Meera Klemola. The Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Commerce graduate has dedicated her career to making legal services more accessible through legal design.

She’s co-authored a book on the topic – ‘The Legal Design Book: Doing Law in the 21st Century' and she’s collaborated with Bond University to deliver a legal design microcredential "The Fundamentals of Legal Design" and subject.

So what is legal design and why is it important?  Lets find out.


Nicole Rogers

Episode two: Professor Nicole Rogers - Can Climate Litigation Save the Planet? 

Can climate litigation save the planet?

This is the question Bond University Professor of Law, Nicole Rogers, wrestled with in her recent Professorial Lecture.

Professor Rogers has researched widely in the areas of climate law, wild law, interdisciplinary climate studies and performance studies theory and the law. In 2014, she instigated and then co-led the Wild Law Judgment project, which culminated in an edited publication of collected wild law judgments in 2017. In her research monographs, she has focused upon the interplay of climate narratives across a range of fields including law, politics, activism and fiction. Her latest co-edited book, 'The Anthropocene Judgments Project: Futureproofing the Common Law' (Routledge, 2023), is the product of an international, interdisciplinary, collaborative project in which participants have written the judgments of the future.