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Honorary adjunct appointments


The Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine offers honorary adjunct appointments to applicants at differing levels depending on their professional and academic qualifications and their experience.

Appointment criteria are outlined in section 4.3 of the Bond University Honorary Adjunct Appointments Policy (HR 2.2.2).

Types of evidence that may be accepted as indicating distinction or academic excellence have been broadened to take into account the diverse context of clinical practice.

Appointment types

  • Honorary Adjunct Teaching Fellow
  • Honorary Adjunct Senior Teaching Fellow
  • Honorary Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Honorary Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Honorary Adjunct Professor

More information regarding the application process, criteria for appointments, use of title, appointment terms, renewal appointment, etc. can be accessed in the below documents.

Information about adjunct appointments

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How to apply

To apply for an academic appointment please complete the application form, noting that your application cannot be assessed without submitting the relevant documentation as requested on the application form.

All applicants must be sponsored by a current Bond University academic staff member, sub-Dean or current honorary adjunct at associate professor or professor level.  A nomination form must be completed by your sponsor and returned with your application.

Submit your application via email


Note: An honorary adjunct role and the associated benefits with the appointment such as use of title will cease for the duration of the term of another position accepted with the University at any time during the term of the honorary adjunct appointment.

Requests for additional information and any enquiries can be addressed to [email protected].