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Overseas study tours

Take your degree global with an overseas study tour opportunity. Embedded in several of our degrees, an overseas study tour enables ambitious students to gain extensive international experience in a short time frame, and to begin building their networks both in Australia and abroad. 

What does an overseas study tour entail?

Designed for current Bond University students, our diverse overseas study tour experiences are a core component of specific programs across our faculties. These opportunities are generally offered within an intensive subject, wherein students participate in the study tour and are subsequently assessed based on their experience abroad.

Study tours are short-term and incur additional costs outside of the program fee. Students must be approved by the respective program director for participation in a study tour.

Discover upcoming study tours

Explore our current overseas study tour offering by subject below.  


Go behind the scenes of our Silicon Valley Study Tour

Financing your study tour experience

Financing your study tour experience

Study tour fees are made up of two components – your subject fees, which are paid like any other subject you undertake at Bond, and additional costs associated with overseas travel. To embark on one of our study tour experiences, you will need to ensure you have the necessary funds to cover any required costs, which may include airfares, other travel expenses, food and accommodation.  

Students travelling to the Indo-Pacific region may be eligible for funding from the New Colombo Plan Mobility Program.