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Our University

“Bond University will be bold and pioneering; resourceful and determined.”

- Bond University’s foundation day, 15 May, 1989

About Bond

In 1989, Bond was established with the vision of delivering educational excellence that satisfied the highest international standards.  

Decades later, this remains at the forefront of the University's ethos, paired with our commitment to offer a student experience that benefits and transforms every graduate. Today, students, their experiences, and their ambitions remain at the heart of the University’s every decision, action and innovation.

Opportunities for every Bondy

Not just reserved for a select few, each and every Bond student has unrivalled access to industry, entrepreneurship, academic, and career experiences.

Opportunities for every Bondy - DISCOVER MORE

Home to Australia’s most employable graduates

At Bond, we are dedicated to fostering exceptional graduate outcomes. This commitment has been reflected in national rankings like the Employer Satisfaction Survey, where we were ranked #1 in Australia in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Home to Australia’s most employable graduates - EXPLORE RANKINGS

Research with impact

Bond’s research portfolio reflects the University’s focus on ingenuity and entrepreneurship, and offers meaningful contributions across disciplines, from healthcare innovations to big data and beyond.

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A lifelong, global network

From day one, Bond students gain membership to a network of more than 30,000 alumni located in more than 120 countries, providing unmatched networking opportunities.

A lifelong, global network - LEARN MORE