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About the Centre for Urology Research (CUR)

The mission of the Centre for Urology Research is to enhance our knowledge of the lower urinary tract with the aim of developing new treatments or enhancing current treatments of the following conditions:

  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Stress and bladder & bowel dysfunction
  • Overactive bladder
  • Bladder and prostate cancer
  • Ureteral & kidney stones
  • Stress incontinence
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate)
  • Erectile dysfunction


Research interest
Professor Russ Chess-Williams Drug development for overactive bladder, stress incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction and prostate bladder carcinoma
Associate Professor Catherine McDermott 

 Actions of cytotoxic drugs and their metabolites on bladder function

Associate Professor Donna Sellers 

Overactive bladder and diabetes, stress incontinence, bladder pathophysiology

Assistant Professor Anna Lohning 

Molecular modelling of uroplakins, drugs to treat prostate cancer

Associate Professor Christian Moro 

Overactive bladder and bladder physiology

Assistant Professor Stephanie SchweikerDevelopment of selective ARTD8 inhibitors for further understanding of androgen independent prostate cancers
Assistant Professor Stephan Levonis

Effects of sialyltransferase inhibitors on bladder cell sialylation for malignancy

Assistant Professor Iris LimKidney stones and ureter physiology and pharmacology
Professor Gordon Wright Lower urinary tract pathology particularly urothelial carcinoma

Associate Professor Lotti Tajouri

Molecular genetics
Dr Shailendra Anoopkumar Dukie Griffith University
Dr Roselyn Rose'MeyerGriffith University
Dr Alpesh MaldeGriffith University
Dr David SillarJohn Flynn Hospital
Dr Alistair CampbellJohn Flynn Hospital
Dr Stephen BourneJohn Flynn Hospital
Dr David ChristieGenesis CancerCare
Dr Vivien WongPindara Private Hospital
Dr Betty ExintarisMonash University
Dr Karen KerrUniversity of Newcastle
Dr Luke Grundy University of Adelaide
Professor Hikaru HashitaniNagoya City University, Japan
Professor Christopher ChappleRoyal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK
Professor Dave GrundyUniversity of Sheffield, UK
Professor Hideaki YamaguchiMeijo University, Japan
Dr Michael WinderUniversity of Gothenburg, Sweden
Dr Patrik Aronsson University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Dr Donna DalyUniversity of Central Lancashire, UK
Dr Neil McKaySheffield Hallam University, UK
Dr Kim Lawson Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Dr Bahareh VahabiUniversity of Western England, UK

Research Students

Aidan McKeonThe Effects of Diabetes on the Bladder.
Amanda TauberDesign, Synthesis and Evaluation of Selective ADP-Ribosyltransferase Member 8 (ARTD8) Inhibitors.
Caitlin Wunsch

Design and Synthesis of Selective Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase family member 14 (PARP14) inhibitors to potentially inhibit glucose metabolism in cancerous cells.

Caleb Kam

Design, Synthesis, and Application of Selective Inhibitors for Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase Members 1 and 14.

Charlotte Phelps

Interactions of receptor systems and second messengers in urinary bladder contractions.
Damian NilssonThe role of the vasculature in bladder function and dysfunction.The role of the vasculature in bladder function and dysfunction.
Eleanor WestThe effects of inflammation on the afferent and efferent nerve responses of the bladder. 
Hyo Jeong (Minnie) KimDesign, Synthesis and Evaluation of Sialyltransferase Inhibitors.

Jessica Smith

Effects of psychological stress on bladder function.
Liam O’CallaghanQuinazoline-based cytotoxic drugs as intravesical treatments for bladder cancer.
Neil Josen Vinulan Delos Reyes Synthesis and Evaluation of a Novel Rhodamine Dye for Bioimaging with Gold Nanoparticles.
Vineesha VeerAlternative mechanisms of action for clinical antimuscarinics.
2022Andy KohAn Investigation into the Authenticity of Citrus aurantium-Listing Pre-workout Supplements and Functional Evaluations of Their Trace Amines on the Vasculature.
2021Zane StrombergaThe role of the inflammatory mediators in modulating bladder contractile activity.
2021Eliza WestPsychological Stress and Bladder Dysfunction.
2020Mei KhuthirAmitriptyline: Effects on Normal Bladder Function.
2018Katrina Smith 

The impact of intravesical treatments for bladder pain syndrome on normal bladder function.

2017Iris Lim  Mechanisms controlling ureteral motility.
2017Oladayo Folasire Drug targets for urinary and faecal incontinence and anal fissures.
2016Amanda Forbes Quinazoline-based Alpha 1 - Adrenoceptor antagonists and prostate cancer.
2015Kylie Mills Cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide: Mechanisms of cytotoxic action and consequences for normal bladder function.
2015Sung (Stanley) KangCytotoxic drugs and their effects on bladder function.
2015Stefanie FarrIntravesical gemcitabine treatment:  Repercussions on  normal bladder function.
2014Luke GrundyNon-neuronal ATP: Regulation of release and action in the bladder.
Amanda Tauber
  • Bond University 3-Minute Thesis Competition, August 2019 - winner
  • FameLab national finals, May 2019 – finalist 
  • FameLab Queensland semi-final, March 2018 – runner-up
Zane Stromberga
  • FameLab national finals, May 2018 – finalist 
  • FameLab Queensland semi-final, March 2018 - winner
Eleanor West
  • 3-minute Presentation at 9th National Symposium on Advances in Gastrointestinal & Urogenital Research, December 2017 – winner
Andy Koh
  • Poster Presentation at 9th National Symposium on Advances in Gastrointestinal & Urogenital Research, December 2017 – winner
Iris Lim
  • Digital Poster Presentation at Gold Coast Health and Medical Research Conference, December 2015 – winner
Oladayo Folasire
  • 3-minute Presentation at 6th National Symposium on Advances in Gastrointestinal & Urogenital Research, December 2014 – winner
  • Bond University 3-Minute Thesis Competition, August 2013 – winner
  • Australian Bladder Foundation - Moro, 2017-2018
    “Alternative pharmaceutical treatments for bladder management: An investigation into the potential for histamine and prostaglandin targets”
  • Quality Use of Medicines Network, Collaborative Research Funding scheme – Chess- Williams, McDermott, Sellers & Dukie, 2017
    “Prostate cancer and alpha-adrenoceptor antagonists”
  • Cancer Council Queensland - Chess-Williams, McDermott & Rose Myer, 2012-2014
    "Cytotoxic drugs: cellular and tissue effects and the effects of ageing"
  • NHMRC - Chess-Williams, Burcher, Moore, Mansfield, 2009-2012
    “Non-neuronal ATP: regulation of release and action in the bladder”
  • Pfizer Overactive Bladder Competitive Grant Program - Chess-Williams, 2008-2010
    "Muscarinic receptor mediated release of nitric oxide, its effect on urothelial spontaneous activity and role in the idiopathic overactive bladder”
  • European Commission Framework 7 - Marie Curie Initial Training Networks, 2010-2014
    11 European centres – Sheffield Hallam University centre 2 - Sellers, McKay & Grundy
    “Training for Urology Scientists to develop new Treatments (TRUST)”
  • Pfizer Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) Program - Collins, Sellers, McKay, Grundy, Chapple, 2009-2010
    “Antimuscarinics: effects on mucosal-afferent signalling pathways?”


  • Journal of Pharmacological & Toxicological Methods (D. Sellers)
  • Naunyn Schmeidebergs Archives of Pharmacology (R. Chess-Williams)


  • Life Sciences (D. Sellers)
  • Frontiers in Autonomic Neuroscience (R. Chess-Williams)
  • Autonomic & Autocoid Pharmacology (R. Chess-Williams)