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Health, biomedical and sports sciences

For the researchers and scientific thinkers


The sciences form the foundation of modern healthcare in the world we live in today. From managing infection control and cancer screening, to improving sports performance and physical rehabilitation, knowledge in health, biomedical and sports sciences facilitates understanding of how the body works. This ultimately equips healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat, restore, or improve the human body’s functions in an array of settings, including hospitals, private practice, clinics, aged care facilities and more.  

If you love to experiment, have an analytical mind, a methodical approach and embrace data analysis, then a career in biomedical sciences might be the right fit for you. If something physical is more your style, pair your love of sport and a healthy lifestyle with human anatomy to run towards a career in sports and exercise science. Not sure where your interests lie just yet? Health sciences provide a solid foundation for further study and could be the gateway to a clinical or non-clinical health career of your choosing.  

With an abundance of potential career pathways, including research and development, clinical practice and education working in healthcare presents the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s health and wellbeing - and it all starts with learning the necessary foundational skills through your studies.  

Programs in health, biomedical, and sport sciences


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