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For those who care and want to make a difference


A career in medicine is both rewarding and challenging. It is the perfect field for the caring and inquisitive among us – studying medicine is the first step towards making a difference and helping the wider community. Whether you choose to practice as a GP, specialise, work in high-level medical research after graduation or more, medical studies at Bond will take you there – and set you up with the necessary knowledge, clinical, interpersonal and leadership skills to support your success.  

Here at Bond, we offer medical studies that commence at undergraduate level and see you graduate with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) ready to begin your medical career. From your very first semester, you’ll not only learn the theoretical concepts that underpin a career as a doctor, but you will also gain hands-on skills in hospital and clinical environments.  

Founded on the principles of evidence-based practice and taught by internationally recognised academics and health professionals, the Medical Program not only teaches students how to become doctors, but also how to innovate, challenge, and push the boundaries of medical care to provide the best possible outcomes for patients and communities. 

For those who want to help others and make a difference in their lives.

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Bond's accelerated Medical Program consists of two consecutively completed degrees, the Bachelor of Medical Studies and the Doctor of Medicine. By studying at Bond, you will develop your skill set as a future practitioner under the tutelage of expert clinicians, academics, and researchers, and graduate in just 4 years, 8 months (14 semesters). Learn more about our Medical Program, including entry requirements, pathway options, and fees. 

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Take a look at what students within our Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine have access to throughout their studies.

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A snapshot of medical placements in the Solomon Islands

Medical students share their unique and transformative experience in Kirakira, Solomon Islands. 

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