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Medicine Programs

Medicine Programs

All you need to know

As you begin your pathway through your medical studies, you will be attaining a broad range of diverse skills and acquiring knowledge vital to your professional success. One of those skills will be meeting a range of Fit To Practice requirements such as:

  • security checks
  • health protection evidence
  • signed documentation
  • training modules
  • additional training modules and certification as requested by individual hospitals or clinics. 

As you progress through your program, it is your responsibility to keep your Fit To Practice current, as you won't be able to attend your placements if there is any task that has not been completed or has become out of date. If this occurs, your advancement through the program may be reviewed and you may be held back.

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Before you begin


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Security Checks

Documents to read, complete and sign

During your program you may be required to attend both Queensland and New South Wales health facilities. In order to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements for each state, Bond University uses a combination of QLD Health and NSW Health forms.

NOTE: Signatures Must be HANDWRITTEN. Digital signatures of any sort will not be accepted.

Health Protection Evidence

During your program, you’ll be dealing with private and public patients and clients, professional athletes, members of the community and vulnerable people. Ensuring your immunity to infectious diseases is essential for their protection, as well as your own.

A person receives a needle in their arm from a medical person

We suggest you work through the three steps to health protection with a medical professional. Attaining full immunity and verification for placement can take a few months, so it is important to start early.

Please be aware that in certain specialised clinical settings and in some health facilities there may be additional vaccinations or other evidence of protection required to ensure that the risk to vulnerable patients is minimised. This can occur at any stage throughout your program. You will be advised if requirements change or if additional vaccinations or evidence are required for your placement.

Bond University works with NSW Health’s Clinical Nurse Specialist (Immunisation) to verify your immunity to infectious diseases and authorise you to undertake clinical placement at Australian health facilities. You cannot attend placement if you are not verified and compliant.

If you are an Australian citizen, you are required to provide either a Digital certificate OR Medicare Immunisation for evidence of Covid vaccinations.

Immunisation compliance requirements are strict. You must provide all required evidence for each disease, or you will not be eligible for placement and your progress through the program will be affected. 



Additional Placement Requirements

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Still need help?

Completing your Fit to Practice requirements are your responsibility, but we are here to help make the process as easy as possible for you. 

If you have any queries or require a face-to-face appointment with the Fit To Practice Co-ordinator, please contact us by emailing: [email protected].


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Policies and forms

We strongly encourage Bond students and staff to familiarise themselves with Bond University’s policies and procedures, and to observe the regulations, rules, and policies of the University.

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