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Study areas | Bond University College

The Diploma of Built Environment provides a foundation for a career in various property sectors. This program enables students to specialise in either property, construction management and quantity surveying, or sustainable environments and planning.

The Diploma of Business offers a broad foundation for a range of career opportunities in the corporate sphere. Core subjects provide students with the fundamentals of accounting, economics, marketing and digital transformation of business.  Students will gain core skills in managing teams, leadership, communicating in groups, conflict resolution, problem-solving, individual and group decision making, information management, the use of different network technologies, and an understanding of ethics, morals and cultural beliefs. 

The Diploma of Sport Management offers a range of subjects to equip students with the necessary knowledge to work with sporting teams, clubs, players and organisations. The Diploma of Sport Management will teach students the core skills to enhance their career prospects, whether they are school leavers or aspire to upgrade their qualifications.

The Diploma of Communication opens up a wide range of career and further study opportunities in disciplines ranging from film and television through to journalism and multimedia. Diploma students have the opportunity to study Digital Media and Society, Public Relations and the Australian Media. 

The Diploma of Health Sciences offers a broad foundation in biological and chemical sciences where students will gain an understanding of basic and applied sciences, including the anatomical, molecular and physiological processes of human health and function. Students will develop technical scientific and research skills using some of the latest research equipment, which can be applied across a broad range of industries.

The Diploma of International Hotel and Tourism Management is designed to introduce students to the professional and managerial roles associated with the global tourism and hotel industries. The program will give students a broad understanding of the global tourism and hospitality markets and assist in developing innovative and entrepreneurial strategies for hotel and tourism businesses.

The Diploma of Criminology provides a fascinating introduction to the study of criminology with subjects including Media and Crime, Forensic Victimology, Crime and Deviance and the Australian Criminal Justice System.

The Diploma of Legal Studies will be of interest to students planning a career where a knowledge of fundamental legal principles and basic legal skills will be of use, e.g. business administration, legal administration, federal, state or local government administration. It will also be of interest to students who have a general interest in the law as an area of study.

 The Bond University College Foundation Program provides a pathway for international students to pursue undergraduate studies. It meets the requirements for Foundation Programs, which are registered on CRICOS for delivery in Australia to international students, who are seeking entry to university undergraduate programs. Students learn the core academic and English language skills, as well as the independent learning skills required for entry into an undergraduate program at Bond University.

 The Bond University College – University Preparation Program provides a pathway for domestic students to pursue undergraduate studies. Students learn the core academic and English language skills, as well as the independent learning skills required for entry to a range undergraduate programs at Bond University.

English for Academic Purposes is designed to improve academic English and study skills so students can enrol in Bond University or other higher education courses in Australia and internationally. The EAP program is a full-time program with incorporating three levels, with each level taking one semester (14 weeks) to complete. 

General English is designed to improve English skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar for every day usage. Classes are available at six levels graded from Beginner to Advanced, with each level lasting 10 weeks.

Bond University College welcomes educational and professional study groups to its campus all year round. We offer a range of flexible short term programs and study tours which we can customise to create a unique curriculum that meets the group’s specific needs.