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Bachelor of Health Transformation

Subjects overview

Compulsory subject credit points
340 Essential subjects to complete
Elective subject credit points
30 To tailor your degree
Total credit points
240 Your complete degree

This program can be completed in 2 years (6 semesters)

Core Curriculum

Students must complete the following thirty credit points (30CP) plus the Beyond Bond Program.

Beyond Bond Program

To keep up with the ever-changing work landscape, we aim to help our students future-proof their careers by developing broader employability skills that are actively sought out by employers. Unique to our University, Beyond Bond is a compulsory professional development program with a practical, activity-based approach that is integrated into all undergraduate degrees.

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Transformation Studies

Students must complete the following one hundred and twenty credit points (120CP).

Alternate Choice

Students must complete one (1) of the following two (2) subjects.

Health Transformation Subjects

Students must complete the following fifty credit points (50CP).

Specialist Stream

Students must choose thirty credit points (30CP) in undergraduate subjects from across the University. Electives must be approved by a personal advisor from the Transformation CoLab. These subjects will form the student's specialist stream. Sample specialist streams include Business, Legal Innovation and Technology, Health Analytics, Digital Health Communication, Sports Management, Nutrition and Wellness, and Global Studies (Sustainability). Students must include Global Health Issues (BMED12-123) and/or Australia's Health Issues and Priorities (HPER11-101) in their selection.

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Study plan

Take the guess work out of planning your study schedule. Your program's study plan has been carefully curated to provide a clear guide on the sequential subjects to be studied in each semester of your program. Your study plan is designed around connected subject themes to equip you with the fundamental knowledge required as you progress through your course.