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Beyond Bond and Core curriculum

Prepare for life after university

What you learn in your degree is just one part of the story. At Bond, you won’t just complete an undergraduate degree – you will complete a degree-wide professional development program and the unique Core curriculum, designed to equip you with the skills you need to stand out in the workforce.

Together, the unique-to-Bond Core curriculum and Beyond Bond program will help you develop and enhance your capabilities, discover your passions, and excel in a competitive career environment.

Beyond Bond and the Core curriculum are embedded in every Bond undergraduate degree, an initiative unique to Bond University.

Explore the Core curriculum

  • Become a capable individual

    Critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills are essential to succeeding in your career. In the core subject Critical Thinking and Communication, you will learn to make better decisions, evaluate and use evidence, and communicate effectively.

Beyond Bond

The Beyond Bond professional development program

Beyond Bond is a personalised, degree-wide professional development program that prepares you to transition into the workforce. Through this program, you will engage in academic, professional and extracurricular activities to grow and demonstrate your employability, and showcase your capabilities with a professional portfolio. Choose from a wide range of experiences, from gaining industry experience through to volunteering and professional development courses.