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User authorisation levels

The majority of tests require users to hold appropriate qualifications. Qualification levels differ according to the specific test. Students are advised to familiarise themselves with the qualifications required for test administration on Publisher and Supplier websites before ordering tests. The following codes are often used to indicate user authorisation levels.

P – Psychologists

Note: P subsumes all other qualifications except GMDS.

Warranting the highest level of test restriction, these tests are available only to registered psychologists, and probationary psychologists under the supervision of a registered psychologist.

Confirmation of status from a Supervisor is required.

R – Restricted

A degree from an accredited university plus satisfactory completion of substantial graduate or post-graduate coursework in test interpretation, psychometrics, measurement theory, educational statistics or a closely related area is required.

Alternatively registration from an agency or organisation that requires appropriate training and experience in the ethical and competent use of psychological tests. Please indicate your area(s) of specialist training.

S – Specialist

Available to professionals with accredited training in psychology, health sciences, counselling, education, medicine and other specialist areas.

Note: S qualified users may only purchase S tests from within their specialisation area.

M – Moderate

Available to professionals with tertiary qualifications in education, human resources, personnel administration, psychology or other relevant discipline, or demonstrated equivalent experience. Tests in this category require some technical knowledge of test construction, use, administration and feedback.


Use of the Griffiths Mental Development Scales (GMDS) requires special accreditation and training in addition to a P qualification.

Level C

(Registered Psychologist)

Level S

(Speech Pathologist)

Level B

(Allied Health or Special Education Professional with relevant qualifications involving studies in research methods, statistics and testing)

Level M

(Medical Practitioner)

Level T


Level HR

(Human Resources Professional)

Level A or Z

(no qualifications necessary)