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How to enrol

Enrolment at Bond is a 3 step process which happens every semester. Begin by planning your subjects, then enrol via eStudent and finally register in classes.

If you are an English Language student you will be enrolled by Bond University College and you are not required to follow these steps.

If you are a new student commencing any other program, you can enrol once you have accepted your offer and organised payment of your tuition fees. Students wishing to study full-time should choose the correct number of subjects as shown in the program structure and sequence. Enrolment for new students opens in Week 11 of the semester before you commence your studies and remains open until Orientation Week. Please check the Academic Calendar for the relevant dates. Changes to your enrolment can be made until Friday of Week 4 of the semester (Census Date)*.

*conditions and fees may apply

If you are a new student who has been granted credit in recognition of prior learning, you would have received a study plan designed specifically for you, with your offer. Use this study plan to enrol in your subjects. If you have any questions or concerns contact [email protected] or drop in to Student Assist.

How to enrol at Bond University

Step 1 - Plan your subjects

Set up your Bond IT Account

Activate your IT account online or at Student Assist.  This account gives you access to the Student Portal, eStudent, email, on-campus Wi-Fi connection and many other online services available to Bond Students.

Plan your subjects

Go to eStudent via the Student Portal, and find your Program Structure and Sequence under Enrolment Tools.  This document outlines all the subjects required to complete your program, including compulsory and elective subjects, and usually includes a list of the subjects you should choose in your first semester.

To help you select elective subjects, browse all Bond subjects on Subject Search and from there, check the subject descriptions for more information. 

Contact Student Assist for assistance and advice.

Apply for Credit

If you have undertaken previous tertiary studies you may be eligible to apply for Credit. You should submit the Academic Credit Application Form - Formal Learning with the required documentation.

If you have prior work experience,, you may be eligible to apply for Credit. You should submit the Academic Credit Application Form - Informal and Non Formal Learning with the required documentation.

Check the Applying for Credit page for more information. 

Contact Student Assist if you need assistance enrolling.

Already applied for Credit?

If your request for credit has been approved it will appear in your online study plan. If it is not there, please contact Student Assist for assistance and advice.

Step 2 - Enrol in your subjects

New students can enrol in subjects from Monday, Week 11 of the semester, before commencing studies. Continuing students need to enrol in at least one subject during the pre-registration period from Monday Week 10 to Friday Week 12 to avoid a late enrolment financial penalty.

In eStudent, you can add electives and options to your expanded Study Planner and enrol in subjects via the Enrolments Tab.  Subjects available for the next semester will be highlighted in blue. Select your subjects, tick the check box and the Enrol button, then check your Enrolment Confirmation.

You can not normally overload your enrolment. If you wish to seek approval to undertake more than the full-time load, please complete the online Overload Form to request to overload and outline your reasons. 

If prompted, you will need to ensure your emergency contact details are updated before enrolling. Watch the video below for assistance on how to do so. 

Contact Student Assist if you need assistance enrolling.

How to complete your emergency contact details

Step 3 - Register for classes

You can register for classes in enrolled subjects from Monday, Week 11. Some classes have quotas or multiple choices of times, so it is advisable to register early.

From the Classes Tab in eStudent, choose the correct semester and check the registration status for your enrolled subjects. You must enter a date in the “Week Starting” field that is within the Semester to see the correct class timetable.  We suggest you use Week 1 of the semester you are registering for as not all classes run in week 1.  If your classes have an irregular teaching pattern or are intensive, you may need to use arrows to view each week in the semester.

Available classes will be indicated on your timetable with a green plus sign in the top right-hand corner. Classes for which you have already registered will have a green tick in this corner. If the subject includes streams, which are two or more connected classes, you will need to choose one stream only – you cannot choose separate classes from different streams.

Check your Bond email account regularly for any information about timetable changes.

Contact Student Assist if you need assistance registering for your classes, or watch the helpful video below. 

How to register into your classes

Once you have finalised your enrolment, all new students should complete the compulsory Academic Integrity Module.  Personal, professional, and academic integrity are essential attributes for Bond University students and graduates. This short module explains the importance of academic integrity and shows examples of academic misconduct and how to avoid them.

You only need to complete the module once.

Need help?

For help on understanding your program structure or planning the sequence of your subjects, please contact Student Assist:

Tel: +61 7 5595 4049 
Email: [email protected]

Virtual office opening hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm