Web Room Booking

The Web Room Booking (WRB) allows all current students and staff members to request any teaching room on campus for ad-hoc and ‘casual’ bookings.

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WRB provides access to view all available teaching rooms and will also allow you to select the room best suited to your requirements. A generic email from WRB will be sent confirming the status of the booking. All requests are reviewed by Central Timetabling staff, and a confirmation of booking will be sent by email. Refer to the Room Booking Principles for further room bookings terms and conditions.

Please note WRB does not include booking meeting rooms or other rooms/areas at the University. If you wish to book a room/area other than a general teaching room, please contact the representatives listed below.

Meeting rooms

Room / AreaCodeSizeRepresentativeContact Details
ORA BoardroomBLD06_1_118Office of Future Students07 5595 5705
Business BoardroomBLD02_3_0314Business Reception07 5595 2266
Law BoardroomBLD04_3_3416Law Administration07 5595 2008
Library Annex Meeting Room BLD1c_4_8216Regina Oakeshott07 5595 1526
HR Training RoomBLD04_3_5622Kayleigh Corlett/Peta Dawson07 5595 3566

Bookings for other areas

Room / AreaRepresentativeContact Details
Princeton Room *Central Events07 5595 3090
University Club *Central Events07 5595 3090
Don's Tavern *Central Events07 5595 3090
Basil Sellers Foyer *Central Events07 5595 3090

Basil Sellers Theatre & Theatre 4

Central Events07 5595 3090
ADCO Amphitheatre (including BBQ area) **Central Events07 5595 3090

Outdoor Areas (including Ornamental Lawns, Fishing Hut and
outdoor campus areas)

Central Events07 5595 3090
The Annex Foyer (BLD01c_3_71)Central Events07 5595 3090
Music RoomBook Online via WRB after completing the Music Room Access Agreement
Architecture BuildingLyn Hathaway07 5595 2176
Living Lab/SDA AtriumLyn Hathaway07 5595 2176
Gregor Heiner FoyerFranky Rumbold

07 5595 4469

Undergraduate/Postgraduate Student Lounge **

BUSA07 5595 4009
Global Links Room, Multimedia Learning CentreBook Onlinelibrary@bond.edu.au
Sport Venues – Sports hall, pool, sports fields and sports

Bond Sport

07 5595 4100
Library Group Study Rooms**Book Online 
PLT Room(s) - BLD04_2_29 / BLD04_2_31Lori Allen-Short

07 5595 2284

BIHS Building (Bond Institute of Health and Sport)Julia Galic/ Reception07 5595 5530
Bond University Clinical Education & Research Centre (BUCERC) - Robina Hospital Room(s)BUCERC contact


* These venues may attract a set up/hire fee
** Only available to Bond students

All venues must be booked in advance. For function or catering enquiries in all venues please contact Central events on 07 5595 3090 or email centralevents@bond.edu.au.

For more information or assistance contact the Timetabling Officer at the Student Business Centre on 07 559 51323 or email room.bookings@bond.edu.au.