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Deferred assessments

Applications for deferring Mid-semester Timed Assessments scheduled in Week 6-8, or Final Timed Assessments scheduled in Week 13-14, must be lodged with Student Assist before the assessment starts or within two (2) business days following the day of the scheduled assessment.

Refer to: Assessment Policy.

A deferred assessment may only be granted where you can demonstrate either:

  • An inability to sit, complete the original assessment, or perform at the minimum level of your demonstrated abilities, for medical or compassionate reasons; or
  • Unexpected and exceptional circumstances beyond your control

The following reasons would normally be considered acceptable grounds for deferring an assessment:

  • Illness or medical reasons
  • Accident
  • Serious personal or emotional trauma (e.g. bereavement)
  • Events or sporting commitments at a state, national or international representative level
  • Religious commitments or obligations
  • Three scheduled assessments commencing within less than 24 consecutive hours

Please note: you will be deemed to have sat the assessment once an official assessment period has commenced including perusal time. A request for a deferred assessment will not be considered if you leave an assessment for any reason once the official assessment period, including perusal time, has commenced.

Approval will not be granted where it is reasonable to expect that the circumstances could have been avoided. The following reasons would be considered unacceptable grounds for deferring an assessment:

  • Travel or holiday arrangements
  • Misreading the assessment timetable
  • A desire to spread assessment tasks to yield improved performance
  • Events and sporting commitments that are not at a state, national or international representative level
  • Social functions 
  • Applications received after the prescribed deadline

You may seek advice from Student Assist to ensure you are providing the appropriate information for your application.

Please note: For other interim assessments that are eligible to be deferred, you will be required to contact the relevant academic staff member from the Faculty to apply.

What happens when your application is received?