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Degree conferrals

What is conferral?

When a degree is conferred, it means that it has been officially awarded by the University. Conferral is an administrative process that can only be completed once all subjects, practical requirements and outstanding fees have been finalised. From the moment your degree has been conferred, you are an official graduate of the University and can use any titles associated with that award.


When is conferral?

The conferral process takes place on or before the graduation ceremony date. Degrees are conferred at Bond once each semester, and once each November/December for Medicine graduates. 

Conferral dates will be published here once they become available:

  • For students completing their program in the May 2024 (242) semester, conferral date is Thursday, 3 October 2024.
  • For students completing the Medical Program in 2024, conferral date is Thursday, 28 November 2024.


Graduation documents are made available to all graduates shortly after their conferral date.