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Transformation CoLab

For the career of the future  … you’ll need the degree of the future

Every day, we hear that our current students will ultimately work in jobs and professions that have not yet been invented. Already, careers have emerged that didn’t exist five years ago – in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital disruption, robotics, genomics, social enterprises and more.

This bold new future calls for a bold new approach to how we prepare for that future.

WANTED: Unconventional Thinkers

The fourth industrial revolution is already here. In order to thrive, we need to create a harmonious cyber-physical environment, where connectivity, artificial intelligence and automation are combined to positively impact people’s lives through technology.

Innovation incubator

Developed in response to feedback from industry partners, the Transformation Degrees cater to the new and emerging jobs of the fourth industrial revolution, jobs that are not supported by traditional approaches.

The Transformation CoLab coordinates:

Beyond Bond (required for all undergraduate students):

  • Our exclusive cocurricular program that formally recognises the wider engagement and experiences students undertake in addition to their academic studies to support their career aspirations.

Explore The Programs

The digital transformation of society is accelerating. The Bachelor of Digital Transformation prepares graduates for roles in the modern rapidly changing work environment with the inclusion of an immersive industry-based learning program. Gain the knowledge and practice that will help you lead cultural and technological change in and across organisations.

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This transdisciplinary program promotes student curiosity and prepares graduates for professional roles in the modern ever-changing work environment. Immerse yourself in this industry-based learning program and investigate theories, methods, and tools including visual design, machine learning, and big data to harness information and facilitate informed decision-making.

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Innovations in health treatment, changing societal expectations and increasing global populations are driving an increasing demand for professionals who can effectively manage new technologies, systems and processes. The Bachelor of Health Transformation will ensure you gain the skills to understand the changing demands that society will place on health systems.

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Gain an immersive intellectual and practical experience in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential for the delivery of legal services in the face of rapid and persistent technological change. The Bachelor of Legal Transformation offers an engaging learning experience in which you will explore contemporary legal problems and design innovative solutions. 

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Hear From Industry

The fourth industrial revolution will impose a new shift on the labour market, radically transforming the way that education is delivered, and the type of skills students will need to thrive in this new age of work. The disruption is demanding new approaches and universities have both an opportunity and a mandate to drive this transformation. Bond University is excelling in this regard. Particularly, the Bachelor of Digital and Legal Transformation are pivotal initiatives on this intersection of the future of work and education. It is enabling students to develop a positive and proactive multi-disciplinary approach to navigating the future and skills landscape, as well as preparing them to respond to new and future challenges.

Kelly Forbes Co-Founder and Director, AI Asia Pacific Institute

Education … but not as we know it

The Bond University Transformation CoLab is a game-changer where we’ve broken down the traditional stand-alone silos of business, law, arts and sciences.

Because that’s not how it works in the real world.

You might be a champion athlete – but you’ll need to know how to develop a brand and run global social media campaigns if you want to attract sponsorship. Maybe you’ll make a major health breakthrough – but do you know the legal and ethical issues that will allow you to share your discovery? You might develop the next big thing in VR technology – but you’re going to need to attract some serious investors.

So we’re mixing it up – creating cross-over degrees that blend your chosen study area with the key fundamentals of all these disciplines.

Solving Global Challenges

Through the lens of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

As well as studying digital media’s intersection with society, global citizenship, law and ethics, students will work together to identify a complex real-world issue related to the SDGs that will form the basis of a group-based project, with real outcomes.

Skills for life

We’re also zooming in on the core professional skills that will set you up for life: Problem-solving, design thinking, communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, the ability to drive change and motivate teams.

You’ll learn how to ANALYSE, DISRUPT and INNOVATE.

Because if the career you choose today gets swamped by technology in 20 years’ time, you’ll have everything you need to not just adapt but to embrace the future and lead the charge.

You’re not going to learn it all in a classroom

Most importantly, we’re breaking you out of the classroom and creating a fully immersive virtual collaboration space where you’ll build solid partnerships with academics, industry coaches and the community while you work with transdisciplinary student teams on passion projects to create REAL solutions to REAL global challenges.

Hear from our students

As someone who has grown up by the beach on the Gold Coast, the decision to complete my tertiary studies at Bond University was one of great ease. I was unsure of what my exact career path looked like, but I knew I needed a degree that was forward thinking and sustainably minded to provide myself with the optimal skills to progress into the modern workforce. The Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation has provided me this in spades.

Through its cross-disciplinary nature, working across all faculties of the university through the Transformation Co-Lab, I have been granted the ability to learn Legal, Digital, Health based and Entrepreneurial skills, all in one degree. Being able to engage in intellectual discussion and conversation across all my classes with like-minded and progressive individuals has provided my learning innumerable benefits.

With small class sizes I have been gifted individualised learning from fantastic academic professionals, yet have still made numerous friends and future colleagues to whom I look up to and admire. This is what I believe to be the greatest benefit of my degree – the connections I have made with intelligent and bright people, both student and staff.

I couldn’t recommend Bond University and its beautiful facilities, campus and culture highly enough to future students. In this breath, I would urge anybody who is either unsure of what their exact career may look like, or who wants to learn skills to tackle any professional industry with both sustainable and globally aware practice in mind, to study the Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation within Bond University’s Transformation Co-Lab. Thanks to this degree my future is bright and I can’t wait to continue to watch it unfold.

Harrison Hoy Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation

Step Inside the Transformation Degrees

What are Bond's Transformation degrees, and what is a typical class like? We're eavesdropping on one, and speaking to some of the academics and students solving big problems.