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Diving into study exercise and sports science | Hannah’s story

“Basically, I am a sports nut. I love competing in, and watching, all kinds of different sports,” says Hannah Schmidt, who is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Bond University.

Talking to Hannah, who is a recipient of the prestigious Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship, it’s clear that her love of sport and her energetic personality have a lot to do with her chosen degree.

The former Mentone Grammar School student has spent most of her life training and competing, but was keen to dig deeper into her own performance as an elite athlete, and to explore the effects of long-term training regimes on avid sportspeople. So, when it came time to choose a degree, it was only natural that Hannah gravitated towards one that would help her answer these questions, and build on her existing knowledge of the field.

“I am a naturally curious person, and would often ponder why we trained the way we did and how this impacted the way I swam,” Hannah says.

“I started wondering, ‘what would happen if I went all-out in a 200-metre event?’ ‘What’s the best angle for my freestyle catch?’” she says. “With all of these questions in my mind, it was only natural to pursue a degree in an area like exercise and sports science.” 

This realisation led her to the Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Bond, as well as to join the Bond Swimming Club. Since diving off the proverbial blocks and into her studies, she hasn’t looked back.

Hannah's sporting background has built a strong foundation for her bachelor's degree

Pairing the analytical side of high-performance sport with the more sociable, client-facing aspects has been key for Hannah.

“While when I was younger I wanted to be a professional athlete, now I’m excited to pursue a career as an exercise scientist, blending data with working with people,” she says.

According to Hannah, at Bond you’ll get out of your degree what you put in. For future students considering a career in the realms of professional sport, elite training or performance research, her advice is to take the leap.

“A crucial part of the Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science is learning how to problem solve and apply your knowledge across a number of scenarios, regardless of your interest areas,” she says.

“Whether you’re excited by biochemistry, prescription and delivery, research, or even sports psychology, there’s something for everyone.”

The breadth of expertise offered by Bond’s leading academics only helps to develop career-ready graduates equipped with the right skills to tackle any side of the exercise and sports science industry.

Hannah cites Bond's close-knit community as one of the best parts of her university experience

Outside of the practical knowledge she’s gaining as she progresses throughout her degree, Hannah cites Bond’s connected community of students, staff and alumni as a standout part of her experience.

“Beyond the classroom, one of the biggest things I’ve gained is the network I’ve developed with my classmates and lecturers – I feel like I’m genuinely known, respected and understood here, which is pretty unique,” she says.  

And the most rewarding part of all for Hannah? When everything learned in theory ‘clicks’ in practice.

“I can apply what I have learned to my real-life experiences, and even the most challenging concepts then become easy to understand,” she says. 

“I love understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of my sport. It makes me a better athlete and student at the same time. A two-for-one!”

Hannah’s top tips for success in exercise and sports science: 

  • Don’t be afraid of a little hard work
  • Work on your organisation and time management
  • Be open minded and take a growth mindset
  • Become a people person – you’ll work with a huge array of people from different backgrounds, and they may even become your clients!

Exercise and Sports Science at Bond

Discover where a degree in exercise and sports science could take you.

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