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Preparing to graduate

Preparing to graduate

Preparing to graduate involves a few steps to check and follow.

It's not just about finishing your final subjects, so take a look now to make sure you're ready to graduate when the time comes.


Check and update your contact details in eStudent. This is how the University will contact you in the weeks leading up to your graduation, and we do not want you to miss any important information! Please ensure you keep the following details updated

  • mobile phone number
  • home phone number (if applicable)
  • contact (mailing) address

Please check eStudent to ensure you have provided your full legal name to Bond, as this is the name that will be printed on all your graduation documentation. You full legal name includes your family name and all given names.

You can check your formal name in the 'Details' tab of eStudent. The details in 'Formal Name 1' is what will be recroded on all of your graduation documentation.

If you need to update your legal name, please email [email protected]. If your name is not updated in time for graduation, you will incur a fee to have your graduation documentation reprinted.

Your status as a student will change when you have enrolled in all the subjects required to complete your program of study. To locate your status for your program, please go to the Enrolments tab in eStudent.  The main statuses are Potentially Complete, Conditionally Complete and Passed.  Should you not pass a subject in your final semester your status will revert to Admitted.

If you are on track to complete your program and after you enrol in your final subjects, your status will change to 'Potentially Complete.' Please note that if you have an incomplete grade in an earlier semester, you will not move to this status.

From your graduation conferral date, your access to Bond IT services will change:

Bond email
From conferral date you will retain access to your student email address, and will log in the same way to any mail clients or devices. You will also be provisioned an alumni email alias as a secondary email address, usually this will be [email protected] subject to availability - for example, if your student email account is [email protected], you will also receive emails sent to [email protected]. You may choose to provide the alumni alias to demonstrate your status as a Bond University alumnus or continue to provide your default student address.

From conferral date, you will no longer have access to your Bond Office365 subscription, including Onedrive, Teams, Share Point sites etc. or any other application data or file libraries within any sites you may have created or been a member of under your Bond student IT account within Office 365.

Network drives
You also will no longer have access to data stored on your home drive (H:) or other network drives i.e. Architecture (V:). Prior to your conferral date, please ensure that you back up and transfer any data or files that you need to an external storage location, such as a personal OneDrive account, Dropbox, Google Docs or other cloud storage, or to a USB drive.

Bond Wi Fi network, Campus computers and the Student Remote Access Desktop
From conferral date, you will no longer have access to the Bond Wi Fi network, Campus computers or the Student Remote Access desktop.

Student printing credit
You will no longer have access to your printing credit after graduation. No refunds are available for unused printing credit. However, you can transfer your credit to another student prior to your graduation date. Use the 'Transfer' option within the Student Self-Service Printing Portal to transfer printing credit to another student.

All graduates are currently provided with access to your subject content in iLearn for approximately 2 years after your completion date of the subject. Sometimes there may be a requirement that Bond retires or hides the content sooner, so this time frame is also subject to change without notice.  Bond University must adhere to data retention\deletion directives of the regional governing body in Queensland.

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If you need to park at Bond after your graduation, you will need to register for an Alumni Parking Permit.