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Beyond Bond

Beyond Bond is the personalised and degree-wide professional development program for undergraduate students that prepares students for the transition from study to career. 

The program engages all undergraduate students in academic, professional and extra-curricular activities, and culminates in a professional portfolio. Beyond Bond empowers students to create and curate the evidence with which to demonstrate their graduate employability, which we define as the ability to create and sustain work and learning across the career lifespan and in multiple contexts. 

Through the program, students achieve milestones that align with the University’s graduate attributes and with the professional standards of their chosen discipline, gaining valuable employability skills and experience along the way.

Access Beyond Bond platforms

New undergraduate students commencing from 2023 onwards

Please access Beyond Bond via this link if you are an undergraduate student enrolled from 2023 onwards.

Access beyond Bond

Undergraduate students enrolled prior to 2023

Please access Beyond Bond via this link if you are an undergraduate student enrolled prior to 2023.

Access beyond bond

About the program

Hear from our alumni

Hear how Beyond Bond has helped with employability

Hear how Beyond Bond has helped with employability

Isabelle Silberling on the Beyond Bond experience

Isabelle Silberling on the Beyond Bond experience

Grenby Family Beyond Bond Medal

Grenby Family Beyond Bond Medal

Contact and support

Beyond Bond blue and orange logo

For further information or support completing Beyond Bond please contact the team:

Tel: +61 7 5595 5822
Email: [email protected]

  • "This experience enhanced my communication skills by providing me with an opportunity to speak in a formal environment, slow down my speaking pace and speak with the utmost clarity. I learned that when addressing a judge, you should take your time, pause as often as necessary and think before responding."

    Mooting - Krystal. C
  • “Throughout this experience, I was able to learn first hand the importance of teamwork. I was able to strengthen my position in the crew and work with each team member to see what I could improve on whilst also providing them feedback on their technique. Additionally, I was able to strengthen my leadership skills, as I was afforded the opportunity to take charge of the crew and I had to learn to be confident in myself and the choices I was making for the efforts of the crew. In this role, my leadership style was not necessarily to serve, but rather to instruct and provide insight into how each member could strengthen their effort and push through their fitness barriers” 

    Sport and Community Engagement - Jamie. C
  • “The biggest lesson I learned was that as a leader, you must make the hard decisions and have the difficult conversations.”

    Leadership Executive – BSA President - Isabelle. S
  • “A skill that I have developed from my time away from home and living on my own, is self-management. I have learned to set goals for myself, and I strive persistently to achieve them. I have learned to bring the pillars of management, that is, planning, organising and prioritising into my daily lifestyle such that I can complete all the necessary tasks to the best of my efficiency and effectively make short-term and long-term plans with a degree of confidence that I shall be able to execute them.

    I feel I have re-discovered my self during my time here at Bond and I feel I am a completely different person now, definitely different for the better.”

    Global Experience - Almir. LJ
  • “I have reaped so many benefits from my placement. Not only has it shown me that you can enter a work place and be treated as an equal even though you lack experience, but I have also gained so much practical experience. I feel more confident moving forward and applying for graduate positions.

    Another benefit obtained through this experience, was the one on one mentoring support and guidance that was provided to me by the lawyers within the firm.

    Industry Experience - Tehlyn. M
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