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Student projects have been purposefully designed to introduce the students to the intellectual, material and spatial culture of architecture; seeing, understanding and responding to the parameters of place; recognising landscape as architecture… all intended to foster design and strategic thinking skills and the value of risk-taking in the creative process.

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Architecture Design Charrette

What better way to introduce our incoming Architecture cohort to student life then with our annual Design Charrette. The Architecture Design Charrette is an opportunity for first year, second year and Masters students to interact and work together in groups. Each year, a respected guest is brought to campus to lead the Charrette along with our highly qualified academics. Students are sent to a local location and are given a design orientated task to work on during the week. The team then reports back to the guest, academics, and peers with their findings and designs.

Take a look below at our previous Design Charrette experiences. 

Cellular Tessellation

"Cellular Tessellation" pavilion for the 2014 Vivid Light Festival, Sydney. Cellular Tessellation is a pavilion designed by Abedian Architecture academic staff Jonathan Nelson, Chris Knapp, and masters student Michael Parsons, and in collaboration with structural engineer, Phil Wallace Consulting Engineers P/L, AFRL workshop manager Nathan Freeman, and many architecture student assistants. The project is designed using Rhino and Grasshopper, and is an exploration in geometric resolution of a complex surface, subdivided using a variation of the Voronoi tessellation. The project employs alucobond sheeting, acrylic, and HDPE plastic to create 380 individual cells, all nested to create the overall pavilion.

Visualising Architecture