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Wellbeing Referral

The BondCare Student Safety and Wellbeing Reporting/Referral System helps identify students whose wellbeing may be at risk or who may need additional academic support. We aim to provide timely and appropriate support to our students, and provide access to the resources and services they need to succeed and thrive as students.

If you or someone you know are impacted by wellbeing concerns, tell us by submitting a BondCare Wellbeing Referral.


It is important that we know when you or a student you know is having issues involving:

  • Wellbeing and general health
  • Mental Health
  • Academic performance
  • A known or unknown ongoing health condition
  • Diversity and inclusion matters
  • Safety in relation to themselves or others
  • Social relationships

Submit a referral

A student sits in the distance on her laptop

Submitting a Wellbeing Referral is a way for our community members to alert Bond University when a student is experiencing personal difficulty. We encourage you to report concerns regarding a student as soon as possible. Providing early support to a student can sometimes be critical to personal and academic success.


Additional information and support services