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Student Mentoring and Tutoring Program

What is the Mentoring Student and Tutoring Program?

The Student Mentoring and Tutoring program is a free peer assisted learning program provided by students for students enrolled in a Diploma or Undergraduate program at Bond. Our tutors are high achieving students, who can assist you to build confidence throughout your studies, develop transferable learning strategies and study techniques, as well as give general – yet valuable - advice based on their first-hand experience.

By downloading the Vygo app you can review the tutor profiles, select one that suits your requirements and instantly connect with them.

Keen to get started? We answer all your questions below! Plus, follow the step-by-step guide to connect with a tutor today.

Who can join the Student Mentoring and Tutoring program?

The Student Tutoring program is available for all students enrolled in a Diploma program in Bond University College or Undergraduate program at Bond University.

How can tutors help me?

The Student Mentoring and Tutoring program is supplementary support with the aim of enabling you to develop your skills and knowledge. The role of our tutors is not to teach nor give you the answers. Rather, our tutors are trained and equipped to offer you the tools and guidance necessary for their mentees to find the answers themselves. Our mentors strive to make this process for students, however, much more seamless, and less overwhelming - by offering experiential insight, personal strategies/tips and tricks that work, in conjunction with ongoing feedback, support, and encouragement.

Please supplement this service with regular consults with your academic and make an appointment at the Academic Skills Centre.

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How to get started

  1. Download the Vygo mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Or click here to use the web app.

  2. Login with University SSO and follow the sign-up prompts.

  3. Select Student Tutoring as your program and follow the prompts.

  4. You can now view all the tutors!  Read their profile, pick one that suits your needs and send them a message.

Meet some of the Student Tutoring tutors