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Student visa compliance

Student visa regulations

The following is a summary of the regulations regarding your Student Visa. You must understand and comply with these regulations, as Bond University is legally obliged to report any Student Visa breach to the Department of Home Affairs within 14 days of the breach and your Student Visa may be cancelled.

As your education provider, we maintain all information regarding contact information (s21 ESOS Act, 2000) academic records and enrolment status (ESOS 2001, regulation 4.01). It is your responsibility to ensure any information held by Bond University is up-to-date and that you comply with all relevant regulations. Failure to comply with any of the following could result in your visa being cancelled.

The  Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, or ESOS Act, establishes legislative requirements and standards for the quality assurance of education and training institutions offering courses to international students who are in Australia on a student visa. ESOS also provides tuition fee protection for international students.

The ESOS framework is designed to protect the interests of International Students by outlining standards, roles and responsibilities for education institutions which teach International Students, along with providing tuition and financial assurance for students. Bond University adheres to the principles and guidelines of the ESOS Framework.

The Overseas Students Ombudsman investigates complaints student visa holders have with private schools, colleges and universities (education providers) in Australia.

The Ombudsman Act 1976 was amended in 2011 to give the role of Overseas Students Ombudsman to the Commonwealth Ombudsman. The function commenced on 9 April 2011.

The Ombudsman:

  • provides a free service
  • is independent and impartial, and does not represent either overseas students or private education providers
  • can make recommendations arising out of investigations

If you have completed Bond University's internal complaints and appeals process and you are not satisfied with a decision or action taken by Bond University, you can access the Commonwealth Ombudsman