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What is Limitless Learning?

Bond University has launched a new mentoring and tutoring program, Limitless Learning, in 213.

Limitless Learning makes connecting students with mentors and tutors easy.  To find a mentor, students can create an account and search for a mentor/tutor that suits their requirements e.g. faculty, subjects, interests and more. 

Limitless Learning is also a social connectivity platform for off-shore and on-shore international students. 
By connecting international students who are isolated from campus or new to Bond, Limitless Learning will help to ease the transition and to build meaningful relationships. 

It is accessible via an app and website, so with a few clicks, students are all set to go.

Sessions can be booked on the platform and can take place in a secure video room or face-to-face. Communication can also take place via a chat room.

Quick guide to getting started

There are three programs within Limitless Learning. To find out what program is right for you, keep reading below. Or if you know which program you would like to join, use the quick links below:

Indigenous Tutor Scheme
International Student Support
Peer Mentoring

Am I a mentor or mentee?

When you are joining Limitless Learning, you can join as a mentor or a mentee.

A mentee is a student who is looking for support.  

A mentor is the same as a tutor and they will be providing the support.

To get started, click on the relevant tab below!


Limitless Learning is currently open to the following cohorts in 213. To join, simply click on the link in the program name below.  If you are unsure what program you need to join, please email [email protected]

Indigenous Indigenous Tutor Scheme
International International Student Support
Residential Peer Mentoring
Bond University CollegePeer Mentoring
Sports scholarshipPeer Mentoring

Limitless Learning is available on mobile and web, via the Vygo platform. Mentors are ready and waiting for mentees to sign up to the program so follow the instructions to get started today.

Vygo Mobile App
Want Vygo on the go? Download the Vygo mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store

Vygo Web App
Want to experience all of Vygo's features? Open the following URL in your web browser:

If you are interested in being involved and are not listed in the above cohorts, please email [email protected]

If you would like to join as a mentor, please submit an expression of interest form. 



About the Limitless Learning programs

We understand studying as an international student is exciting but can also be a challenging time for adjustment. We want to help you transition into studies and university life, by connecting new students to current students regardless of where you may be located. Most importantly, you can benefit from new friendships and professional networks, that allow you to feel connected no matter where you are!

Bond University is committed to providing a culturally safe and supportive learning environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Our Limitless Learning program will help you ease into life at Bond and achieve your desired academic results.


Just starting out? Need some help? Our Tutor Fellows have done EXTREMELY well in their studies at Bond and they are waiting to assist you. The Limitless Learning program is another support tool created to help you achieve academic success at Bond.


Yes!  We are working with the Beyond Bond team to build Limitless Learning into the BB framework.  This will mean points will be available for both mentors and mentees.

No!  Limitless Learning is a free platform for mentees. You won't need to pay for any sessions.