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Leadership and development

Leadership and Development

The Nyombil team delivers inclusive and culturally safe support programs and practices with a focus on empowering students to reach their full potential.

This program is focused on enhancing our student’s leadership and employability skills, run in collaboration with Bond University’s Career Development Centre.

The Leadership and Development program curriculum assists students in preparing for the changing landscape of future employment by fostering the development of employability skills whilst emphasising the importance of cultural leadership.

Contact the Nyombil Centre Support Team for more information.


Student testimonial

The exercise, for me, made me start reflecting and thinking more about what I need to do in the time I now have at Bond after coming back. More than that, it made me focus on goals that I had in my head and had not thought to write down. The value of going through that process should not be understated.

A lot of us that come through the Centre might be at risk of falling through the cracks and not get the support we need – not because it’s not there, but because we don’t know how to use it properly or its value. When I did my bachelors a few years ago, success was largely a blank screen and so was the road that would lead to it. It’s taken a few years and experiences to get to the point where I can now start mapping out what I want to do and visualising it, professionally and personally. A program like this is exactly what someone like me needs to take the goals I have, refine them and make them manifest meaningfully. The combination of mentorship/guidance and goal setting is really helpful.”