Student projects have been purposefully designed to introduce the students to the intellectual, material and spatial culture of architecture; seeing, understanding and responding to the parameters of place; recognising landscape as architecture… all intended to foster design and strategic thinking skills and the value of risk-taking in the creative process.

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Postgraduate Student Work

Undergraduate Student Work

Architecture Design Charrette

The Architecture Design Charrette is an opportunity for first year, second year and Masters students to interact and work together in groups. In 2018, the students were briefed with the task of designing a structure for the Burleigh Headland that showcased the experience of Burleigh, and also incorporated the area's cultural significance.

Visualising Architecture

Cellular Tessellation

"Cellular Tessellation" pavilion for the 2014 Vivid Light Festival, Sydney. Cellular Tessellation is a pavilion designed by Abedian Architecture academic staff Jonathan Nelson, Chris Knapp, and masters student Michael Parsons, and in collaboration with structural engineer, Phil Wallace Consulting Engineers P/L, AFRL workshop manager Nathan Freeman, and many architecture student assistants. The project is designed using Rhino and Grasshopper, and is an exploration in geometric resolution of a complex surface, subdivided using a variation of the Voronoi tessellation. The project employs alucobond sheeting, acrylic, and HDPE plastic to create 380 individual cells, all nested to create the overall pavilion.

Sushi pavilion

The first semester of study in architecture focused upon learning through making, experienced through three successive projects. The cardboard sushi pavilion challenged students to design and fabricate a micro-pavilion using 15 sheets of cardboard and only packing tape for fixing. Working in teams, students were asked to consider issues that arise from placing their pavilion on a public part of campus, develop an understanding of sun and wind, and to create fundamental spatial sequences and the thresholds that frame them.

​Shirt Seat

Shirt Seat is an exploration of materials and the dimensions of the body. A simple project at first glance, it actually produces a great challenge to the novice student in confronting gravity, scale, dynamic forces, and aesthetics. The main constraint of the project was that each student would build a “seat/chair” using a long sleeve button up cotton shirt as the primary material. Ancillary materials could be used, provided the shirt be the main point of contact and support for the body.

Nice To Meet You

Nice To Meet You put students into the collaborative space of teamwork to develop a pavilion displayed publicly on the university campus. Notions of urban relationships between the 7 teams of the studio were deemed significant, as were the ways their pavilions would register meaningful experiences for the project’s public occupants. Cardboard was the primary medium of work, and students were asked to explore its full potential as a legitimate building material.

Design Studio Four

For the final presentation students designed and strategically sited a landscape intervention/installation in the grounds of the Gold Coast Arts Centre. The pieces expressed their own personal interpretation of landscape, demonstrating an awareness of place and their history within it, both acknowledging the past, speaking to the present, and where possible musing on the future of landscape via speculative interventions in it. Students projects were informed by the synergies of musical composition, philosophy and architecture and landscape architectural design.