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Message from Dr Soheil Abedian

From the beginning of humanity - Architecture, along with literature, painting, and music, has been the foundation for the cultural evaluation of different races and nations.

Predominantly, the art of Architecture has played a significant role in the history of our forefathers, as they shaped their environments. We have the ability now, to look back over the centuries, and learn from this art, to create a built form which is unique in design and is sustainable for today’s society. What we leave behind today, only future generations will be the true judge about our contribution to history.

I am delighted to play a small role in establishing the Abedian School of Architecture with Bond University, which I believe in time, will be the contributor of new designers that will influence the art of Architecture, not alone in Australia but throughout the world. Our curriculum has been designed to undoubtedly provide a unique pathway in forming world class designers.

It is my ardent hope that all students will have the ambition and passion to become the voice of modernity in today’s society, and I welcome all of you to play an active role in the progression of the School in its formative years.

I look forward to meeting all of you and witnessing your progress in the years to come.

Dr Soheil Abedian

Experience Architecture at Bond

Welcome to the Abedian School of Architecture

The Abedian School of Architecture is a leading design-driven professional school, characterised by an international outlook and motivated by the goal of graduating architects capable of shifting the direction of future practice. The School features one of the lowest student to staff ratio of any architectural program offered in Australia, ensuring unrivalled access to state of the art equipment, as well as personalised attention and mentoring. The features of the building provide a contemporary education space in which students, the industry and community can learn, gather and exhibit.

A ‘learning through making’ ethos is supported by a state of the art workshop and fabrication lab, featuring traditional woodworking equipment and a robust digital fabrication and rapid prototyping setup that includes 3D printers, a CNC router, laser cutter, and an industrial robot. Bond's industrial robot is one of only three available in Australian architecture schools. Students will also benefit from exclusive access to collaborative design studios, reading and resource rooms, an atelier as well as impressive exhibition and event space. The building and its facilities are accessible 24/7 to students. 

To learn more about the School and its state-of-the-art facilities, view the Abedian School of Architecture Building.

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Programs of study

  • Bachelor of Design in Architecture
    This degree prepares graduates with theoretical and practical experience relating to design, problem solving, construction and communication that can be applied to a wide range of careers. Graduates of this degree may gain employment in architectural firms, government, construction, development, infrastructure and planning industries in Australia and around the world.
  • Master of Architecture
    This Master's program academically prepares the graduate to acquire the requisite work experience to gain eligibility towards the professional status of architect in Australia or overseas. The Australian Institute of Architects and the Board of Architects of Queensland currently recognise and accredit the Master of Architecture program.
  • Master of Architecture (Pathway)
    If you are looking to explore a career within Architecture, with no prior experience in the field - an accelerated Graduate Diploma in Architecture could be help get you there! This new variation to the Master of Architecture provides applicants with a non-cognate Bachelor degree a clearly articulated entry pathway to an accredited architecture degree. 
  • Master of Architecture (Professional)
    The Master of Architecture (Professional) provides a tailored architectural education in a creative studio-based environment focusing heavily upon design through hands-on and digital making with state-of-the-art tools. Project-based design studios focus upon real-world scenarios with specific attention to urbanism, the future of global cities, and the role of architecture and the architect in addressing urban, environmental, social, and technological change. 
  • Master of Architecture/Master of Project Management
    This combined degree option gives graduates the opportunity to develop their design management skills and give a better understanding of project management through the perspective of architectural ingenuity and creativity. The Master of Architecture/Master of Project Management program is accredited by the Australian Institute of Architects, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Australian Institute of Project Management. Graduates are also internationally recognised by the Project Management Institute.

Bond University's architecture programs are dedicated to developing the emerging architectural professional to be fearless in their design ability. We instil our students with the confidence to change the world and the habitats of the future through their creative design skills, imaginative vision, strategic thinking and technical proficiency.

Gavin Robotham, Partner & Architect of Crab Studio, describes the ideas and development of the Abedian School of Architect building.

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