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Centre for Data Analytics


The centre aims to raise the profile of Bond University in the Big Data Analytics research space.  This will help establish meaningful engagement with organisations, both government and private, which are expected to lead to funding opportunities and joint research collaborations.

Potential funding opportunities and projects will in turn help grow the research centre by growing the PhD program, and facilitating a greater level of external collaboration.

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Master of Business Data Analytics

Centre for Data Analytics

Bond University commenced its programs in Actuarial Science in 2015 and has made a number of academic appointments which serve to strengthen our core capabilities in Big Data, as well as the specific applications of Big Data in areas such as Actuarial Science, Finance and Informatics. 

Under the leadership of Professor Terry O’Neill, the establishment of a University Centre in Centre for Data Analytics will help Bond University establish itself as a significant player in the Big Data and Analytics research space.

Members of the centre have specific big data analytics interests in finance, machine learning, risk management and climate change, amongst others. They have a genuine desire to collaborate and contribute their complimentary skills on a range of innovative big data projects

Mission statement

The mission of the Centre for Data Analytics is to establish Bond University as a leading research hub in data analytics, through:

  1. outreach and research collaboration
  2. expansion of the quality and quantity of research output, and through
  3. the development of training and technology aimed at strengthening our current research programs and engagement with industry.

The focus of our centre is closely aligned with the priorities of the Bond Business School University Strategic Plan.

Research Strategies

ARC grants currently underway or concluded


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