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Your wellbeing support team

Welcome to the Student Wellbeing Advisors team. We are here to help you get through. Bond University is a safe space and you deserve to feel supported.

Student Wellbeing Advisors act as your supporters in wellbeing here on campus to connect you to the right support tools. Our goal is to ensure that you feel empowered through your journey.

Our aim as a part of the Wellbeing team at Bond University is to promote and focus on our students with our 3 main values at the core of what we do:

  • Promote social, emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing for Bond students​
  • Being a trusted source of support for Bond students​
  • Work together to empower Bond students

Our success is dependant on our deep commitment to actively listen, understand, create safe spaces and collaborate with internal and external services. We achieve this by learning from and working with each other within our Bond community.

We will focus on generating personalised plans to suit individual needs. As a collective, we will connect our students with relevant resources and services that offer information, advice and support as needed.​ 

Your Student Wellbeing team

Victoria Benmore
General Manager of Student Wellbeing

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 07 5595 5850

Iesha Shafei
Student Wellbeing Advisor

Bond Business School and Faculty of Society & Design

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 07 5595 5853

Arun Karunaratne
Student Wellbeing Advisor

Law and Health Sciences & Medicine

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 07 5595 5854