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Student expectations and responsibilities

As a Bond University student, you are entitled to have certain expectations met and, in turn, will be expected to uphold certain responsibilities.

The Bond University Student Charter sets out the expectations that you may have during your education at Bond and outlines what we can expect of you. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the Student Charter, which was developed in consultation with the Bond University Student Association. To read the full charter, see below.

Bond University Student Charter

Excellence in teaching and learning involves students as active participants in their educational experience, rather than as passive consumers. In addition to the University's role of awarding formal academic qualifications to students who successfully complete their studies, the University seeks to instil in all students a capacity for independent scholarly learning, critical judgment, and academic integrity and ethical sensitivity.

This Charter sets out the expectations which students may have of the University during their education at Bond. It also outlines what can be expected of students while they are undertaking their studies at Bond, including recognition that ethical and honest behaviour and treatment underpins the relationship between the University and each student.

The Charter recognises that students are central to the Bond University community, and so it elaborates the expectations associated with participation in the life of the University community. It is acknowledged that student participation is enhanced by an environment which promotes healthy lifestyle choices, encourages the highest personal and ethical standards, the development of a network of support for all students, and support of student representative organisations.

1. Student expectations/University responsibilities

2. University expectations/student responsibilities