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Advocacy and support

When faced with decisions that adversely affect your studies or when an allegation of misconduct has been brought against you, you have the right to be supported and heard. 

Available support options are listed on this page.

Student Advocacy

The Bond University Student Association (BUSA) provides independent advocacy services to students by way of advice, information, support, and assistance on a wide range of topics, issues and decisions that may adversely affect students. BUSA representatives have extensive knowledge of Bond University Regulations and Policies as well as relevant legislation that drives decision-making.

Support Person

When meeting with University representatives, in the absence of a Student Advocate, students are able to bring a support person to a meeting, interview, or hearing.


In resolving issues, the University encourages students to represent themselves and engage directly with the University to be able to determine an outcome. However, in some circumstances, a student may nominate a representative who is willing to act on their behalf in a meeting, interview, or hearing. A student who elects to be represented is required to submit a written request to the decision maker with advice on the circumstances which prevents them from attending. This advice must be accompanied by demonstrated evidence of the relevant circumstances.

A representative may be any person, aged 18 years or older, not being legal counsel, barrister or solicitor or a Bond University staff member. In the case of allegations of misconduct, a representative cannot be a person who was involved in or associated with the alleged misconduct.

Independent Professional Advice

Students may also seek independent professional advice in preparation for an interview, meeting or hearing or in reviewing of decision and appeal documentation.