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External reviews

An external review is a review conducted by a person or agency outside of Bond that is impartial and independent of the University. This process is articulated in the External Review Procedure

If you are unhappy with how your grievance or concern has been dealt with or consider the outcome to be wrong, several external agencies may be able to assist you. 

Ordinarily, an external review will only be available once you have exhausted all internal processes of review and/or appeal which are available at Bond, and an outcome has been reached.

The precise time frames required for submission will depend on the external agency you approach for help.

  • For example, if you are a domestic student submitting a request for review to the Student Ombudsman, you must submit your request within 20 business days of receiving notice of the outcome of an appeal or complaint.

  • On the other hand, if you are an international student submitting a request for external review from the Commonwealth Ombudsman, you must submit your request within the parameters outlined by them.

In addition, if your request for external review concerns the outcome of an appeal in which your enrolment was cancelled, you must let the Office of Integrity know [email protected] within 20 business days of the appeal outcome that you are seeking an external review.

Other agencies may require you to submit your request for an external review within different timeframes.

Read on for FAQs about external reviews, and a list of agencies who may be able to assist. 

Contact the Office of Integrity for further information and assistance

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External review agencies

Students are advised to visit the website of other external agencies to seek direction on submission criteria. While not exhaustive, the below tabs provide a list of external agencies that may be able to review certain grievances. 


We undertake to manage your grievance respectfully and fairly. Please endeavour to do the same when dealing with us and any others involved in your grievance.

Unreasonable, offensive, belittling, derogatory, abusive or threatening conduct will not be tolerated.