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Student conduct and misconduct

As a Bond student, you are expected to comply with the university’s standards of behaviour when interacting with other students, staff, and members of the community. This includes adhering to the Student Charter, the Student Code of Conduct, University Policies and Regulations and State and Federal Legislation.

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct is Schedule B of the University’s Discipline Regulations. All students have a responsibility to comply with the Discipline Regulations:

Academic integrity and academic misconduct

You are responsible for the integrity of your academic work. This includes properly acknowledging and referencing your sources, and accurately representing your own work. If you are found guilty of engaging in academic misconduct (such as cheating, acts of plagiarism, acts of fabrication, recycling content, colluding, falsifying data or ghost writing/contract cheating), depending on the severity of misconduct, you may receive a reduced mark, a fail grade for the assessment piece or the subject or you may even be suspended or expelled from the University. For more information on academic integrity and academic misconduct, click the button below:


General misconduct and unwanted behaviour

The way a student behaves reflects on the University. Poor behaviour that breaches the Student Code of Conduct and University Policy and Regulations will not be tolerated. Where behaviour may be unlawful or criminal, the University may notify the relevant authorities.

Bond University encourages staff and students to work together to maintain a respectful environment where all staff, students and visitors can feel safe and free from unwanted behaviour.

General misconduct includes, but is not limited to: