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What is the census date?

This is the date in each teaching period when all enrolments must be finalised and tuition fees are paid*. No changes to enrolment of programs will be permitted after this date. Additionally no FEE-HELP forms will be accepted after this date.

The University must capture information relating to the subjects in which each student is enrolled as at census date for reporting to the Federal Government. This is a requirement contained in the Higher Education Support Act (the HESA Act). This information is used by the Federal Government to, among other things, determine a students liability under the FEE-HELP program if the student has deferred their liability through that loan program.

*The University may set an earlier payment date in each semester but the fees must be finalised by the census date.

Please note that you will be fully liable for the fee if you withdraw after the census date.

When is the census date?

For the majority of subjects which are taught over the usual 14 week semester, the census date will fall on Friday of Week 4. Some subjects, such as short term intensive subjects, will have a different census date falling somewhere in the period over which the subject is being taught.

The census dates for non-standard subjects can be obtained from the Student Business Centre.

The census date is the date on which the amount of your FEE-HELP loan is calculated.


SemesterCensus Date
January11 February 2021
May10 June 2021
September7 October 2021

The census dates for non-standard availabilities, such as intensives and executive mode, are different from those listed above. This date is available in eStudent against the subject. Queries can be directed to the Student Business Centre for a specific availability.

Why is the census date important?

All student enrolments at the census date must be included in the University's report to the Federal Government. It is clear from the HESA Act that students cannot enrol after the census date and you are fully liable for the fees for subjects even if you withdraw after the census date. Refer to Withdrawal from subjects for more information

It is therefore very important that you check your enrolment to ensure that your enrolment is right and that you drop or add any subjects prior to the census date.

To check your subject census date or other enrolment dates (e.g. Enrolment opens date, start date, last enrolment date, last cancellation date and last withdrawal date), please visit Cancellation, withdrawal dates and penalty information in eStudent.