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Timetable publication dates*

May 2020 (202)Available

*Dates are subject to change

View the 2020 Timetable

There are several recommended options to view the timetable:

  • By Organisational Unit 
  • Subject Code/s
  • Room
  • Staff

Timetable display by organisational unit

Searching by Organisational Unit.

Timetable organisational unit grid report.

Grid timetable report type.

Timetable display by subject code/s

The subject/s can be located from the Program Structure and Sequences or a subject code search

Timetable search by subject.

Search the Timetable by subject code by selecting one or more subjects, the semester weeks, and the report type.

Timetable subject master report.

Master timetable report will display by subject, day and time.

Please note the University class timetable is subject to change and you are required to check the timetable prior to the commencement of classes.

Students personal timetables

Select your classes and manage your own timetable (lectures, tutorials, labs etc) from eStudent. Remember to check your timetable again prior to the start of each semester as scheduled classes are subject to change. If you require assistance with enrolling please contact an Enrolment Advisor at Student Business Centre.

Exam timetable

Students can view their timetable from eStudent. Please log in to eStudent and click the ‘Exam Timetable’ tab from the top menu. The timetable for the end of semester examinations is generally published at 5pm on Friday of week 5. Centrally scheduled end of semester examinations usually commence Friday of Week 13, all of Week 14 and usually finish on Saturday of Week 14. Seat number’s for the main examinations room (Sports Hall) for the end of semester examinations will be available in week 12. The timetable for the deferred examinations is generally published at 5pm on Monday of O-Week. Centrally scheduled deferred examinations usually commence Wednesday of O-Week and usually finish on Friday of O-Week.

For more information refer to the Deferred Examinations or the Examination Timetable pages.