Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice and support for the Bond community. Read more

These are exceptional times, but you will still benefit from Bond’s exceptional student experience – from wherever you are in the world.

The health and safety of our local and global community remains the priority, and in these unprecedented circumstances Bond’s second semester for 2020 will be conducted remotely.  

We are committed to continuing to deliver the personalised, outstanding learning experiences that Bond is known for. Here’s how.  

Interactive study

Lectures and tutorials will be interactive, with virtual classrooms, live-streamed content and contact with your academics and classmates through group chats and discussion boards. You will also be able to access lecture recordings and resources live or on-demand through our learning platform, connecting personally with your academics and fellow students too.  

Personalised, one-on-one support

Even if you aren’t on campus, you will still have easy access to Bond’s academics and array of support services. You can book appointments with the Academic Skills Centre online, you will have the direct contact details of your academics, and our counselling services will be available remotely.  

Immersive technology

You will learn through our online platform, iLearn, which has a built-in classroom feature called Collaborate. You can participate in Collaborate classes remotely using your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. As a Bond student, you also have access to extensive library resources, the Student Portal and Office 365.  

NOTE: If you are a new student intending to start one of the following programs in Semester 2, 2020, the information on this webpage will not apply to you as these programs are not available for remote learning commencement in Semester 2:

  • Bachelor of Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Building Information Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery 
  • Graduate Diploma in Building Information Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery
  • Master of Building Information Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery
  • Master of Project Innovation
  • Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Governance
  • Master of Laws in Enterprise Governance
  • Master of City Planning

Online programs, including the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Online) and TESOL (Online) will continue in their current form. 

Questions and answers

Why is Semester 2 being offered remotely? 

The University is following state and federal government directives which restrict the movement and gathering of individuals.

It will not be possible for most students or most staff to attend campus on a regular or reliable basis. Therefore, the University will deliver the entirety of next semester remotely, including all assessments. The University has had a trial run at the end of Semester 1 and is well prepared to deliver a full semester remotely.

What are the key dates for Semester 2?

Enrolment through eStudent will be available from 8 May for students to finalise their Semester 2 enrolment. 

Orientation activities will commence on Wednesday 20 May.

Semester 2 will start on Monday 25 May. 

A normal 12-week teaching semester will follow.

All exams will be completed and assessment due before the conclusion of the semester on Friday 21 August.

What technology do I need to be able to study remotely?  

The most important thing is that you have access to a personal computer, laptop or tablet, as well as a reliable internet connection. As a Bond student, you will have access to our University ‘Blackboard’ online learning platform, iLearn, which has a built-in interactive online classroom feature called Collaborate. We recommend using Chrome.  

How do I access Collaborate?  

You can access Collaborate through your iLearn Student Portal – you don’t need to download it. You will join sessions directly from a web link provided by your lecturer, or from your subject page in iLearn.  

How will assessments and group projects work?  

Assessments will be tailored to remote learning, ensuring assessments remain engaging, authentic and rigorous. They will be a mix of online tests, take-home examinations and alternative assessments.  

Technology and tools such as Collaborate – which allows for break-out rooms for group work – Microsoft Teams via Office 365 and other technological tools will support productive, seamless group project work.  

How do I book an online appointment with the Academic Skills Centre?  

Bond’s Academic Skills Centre offers a range of services including free one-on-one help in organising your assignments, academic style, referencing, English and Maths. You can book an online appointment with the Academic Skills Centre online via your iLearn student account. Alternatively, you can book by emailing [email protected].  

How do I contact my lecturer?  

At the start of the semester, you will be provided with the contact details for your lecturers and Faculty staff. You can contact them directly.  

How do I book an appointment with counselling?  

Counselling support is available for all Bond students. Appointments are available remotely – email [email protected] to book an appointment.  

Will the University return to its normal teaching mode during the semester?

The University is committed to enabling every student to undertake their studies regardless of their location and therefore will guarantee that the entirety of Semester 2 can be completed remotely.

Should circumstances allow, such as the lifting of various bans and restrictions, the University will return to campus-based education as quickly as possible. However, it is likely that this would occur through a staged transition that involves optional attendance through a multi-modal delivery.

What additional support will be available for students who are studying remotely?

The University is very aware that the remote delivery of your subjects using technology must meet your expectations of Bond’s high standards of teaching, learning, resources, support and student welfare.  This alternative format for the delivery of our classes will be accompanied by a range of services consistent with the high standards we expect of ourselves in relation to your experience.

For instance - we will provide:

  • Study assistance and support sessions;
  • Private online academic consultations;
  • Additional online academic resources;
  • Careers advice;
  • Enhanced Information Technology Services help-line services;
  • Greater access to online library services;
  • Online social events;
  • Advice and support for administrative, enrolment and other services; and
  • Online medical consultations and counselling support.

What resources and services are available from the Library? 

The Library has an extensive collection of online resources including ebooks and journals, which you will be able to access from wherever you are located. 

The Library team also provides virtual services to support you with your questions and needs for your assignments. You can reach out to the team in a number of ways, including online chat and consultations, as well as referring to help resources and FAQs. Visit the Library’s website to search for resources, use virtual services and get contact information. 

I have organised on-campus accommodation for Semester 2 but cannot attend. Can I receive a refund?  

If you are unable to travel to campus due to travel restrictions, the University will refund on-campus accommodation fees and associated dining plans for Semester 2.  

I have organised off-campus accommodation for Semester 2 but cannot attend. Can I receive a refund?  

You will need to refer to any signed lease agreement you have entered into and discuss this directly with the property managers or your landlord.  

I am a new student starting in Semester 2 and am expecting to live in the student residences. What should I do? 

You will be contacted by the Housing office to discuss your particular circumstances.

What are the Queensland Government rules around home confinement, movement and gatherings?

The Queensland Government has implemented home confinement, movement and gathering restrictions which can be found at the Queensland Government website. These new restrictions are in place from 10 May, 2020.

What are the latest interstate travel restrictions? Do they affect me?  

To slow the spread of COVID-19 the Queensland Government has restricted entry into the State from Thursday, 26 March, 2020. For more information visit the Queensland Government website.  

When is the Census Date? 

The Census Date is four weeks after the semester starts.

What are the latest travel restrictions and how do they affect me?  

As of 20 March, 2020, only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel to Australia. Currently, student visa holders are not able to travel to Australia. For up-to-date information, visit the Department of Home Affairs Coronavirus webpage.  

Can I receive a refund for my studies if I am no longer able to start in Semester 2?  

Bond University will guarantee a full refund of any tuition fee deposit paid if you no longer wish to start studying in Semester 2. This arrangement will apply until the Monday of the first formal teaching week of Semester 2.  

There is also the option to defer to a future semester – refer to the section on Deferrals below.

I have paid for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) starting from May. How do I receive a refund if I am not able to arrive in Australia to study due to travel restrictions? 

If you are unable to commence study with us at all and you are still offshore, we can refund your OSHC with your tuition fees. If you have been onshore in Australia at any point, you will need to seek a refund of your OSHC from your OSHC provider directly.

Do I need a visa to start studying remotely?  

Students do not need a visa if they are offshore and studying online with an Australian education provider. You will only require a visa when you intend to enter Australia.  

Any students who are intending to study in a CRICOS registered program will continue to receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) for your visa application. If you have not yet applied for your student visa, you should reconsider your need to apply for a visa at this time. You should only lodge your visa application when you are confident that you can satisfy requirements for a student visa application and services or documentary evidence required are available – for example, health check, English language testing and evidence of financial capacity.  Please also consider travel bans.

If you are currently onshore in Australia, you must not allow your student visa to lapse - even if you are studying remotely. 

I have a visa to start in Semester 2, but I am not in Australia. Do I need to apply for a new visa if I come to campus at a later date?  

You will be able to enter Australia for future semesters on your original visa that was granted for Semester 2 as long as the visa remains valid. This will apply for students who are commencing study remotely, then coming to campus, or students who have deferred to Semester 3. We recommend that you check that your visa is valid at least a month before travelling. If you have a COE for a later start, your visa is likely to remain valid, but as always, check with Australian immigration directly. Before your visa expiry date, you may need to apply for a new student visa to ensure you have a valid visa to complete your studies and graduate.

Will my visa status be affected if I am already in Australia and study remotely for my first semester?  

No. Australia’s Department of Home Affairs does not regulate mode of study requirements for international students. In addition, due to COVID-19 restrictions, TEQSA (the national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education in Australia) has advised that a wholly online or distance learning mode is permitted when it’s in the student’s best interests.

I’m no longer able to take a formal English test (i.e. IELTS or TOEFL) as testing centres are closed. What are my options?  

We understand English Language Test Centres are closed in many countries and we may be able to assist you with alternative arrangements for you to satisfy our entry requirements, depending on your circumstances. Please contact your Regional Manager to discuss options.  

My school has been closed and I cannot access my formal school results or transcripts. Will you accept other documents instead? 

We understand that sourcing certified academic results may be difficult at this time. Our Admissions team is considering alternative documents so that we can assess your application and issue you an offer. If you have questions about your documents, please contact your Regional Manager.  

I live in a different time zone. When will my classes be? 

The timetabling for Semester 2 is being finalised, and class times will vary by program and the location of the  program's student cohort. You will receive more information when it is time to enrol and confirm your timetable. 

Information on student visas has been sourced from the Department of Home Affairs website. For further detail on student visas, please refer to the Department of Home Affairs. 

Can I defer my studies?  

Bond’s three-semesters-per-year timetable allows students to complete their degrees faster than at other universities. If you do not wish to start in Semester 2, you may be able to defer your start to Semester 3, depending on your program. Please contact your Regional Manager to discuss.  

If you have also received a scholarship offer, the deferment of your scholarship will be granted pending individual circumstances around COVID-19 and if the program is available for Semester 3 intake, please contact your Regional Manager.

I am enrolled in a program where specialised equipment and facilities are required for some subjects - can I undertake these subjects remotely? 

Subjects that utilise specialised equipment and facilities will either be delivered later in the program or, in some instances, provided in an alternative format. 

When will the revised Semester 2 timetable be available?

Where possible, classes will be timetabled at times that suit the greatest number of students, including those studying in Australia and international students studying from home.  Live classes will generally be scheduled in the mornings in the Australian timezone. 

The revised timetable will be released 8 May 2020.

When can I enrol? 

Enrolment through eStudent will be available on 8 May for students to finalise their Semester 2 enrolment. 

Will tuition fees remain the same for Semester 2?

The University recognises that many of our students will be financially impacted by the economic crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Therefore, financial aid will be provided to students in the form of a one-off reduction in tuition fees for Semester 2. 

The amount of the reduction will be set at 20% of tuition on enrolled subjects in degrees, diplomas, diploma preparation programs and foundation programs in the University and the College. Tuition fee relief does not apply to individual subjects under the Study Abroad Program or Exchange Program.

If classes resume on campus during the semester, the universal tuition relief will apply for the whole of semester two.

For students on partial scholarship, the reduction will be applied to net tuition.  Similarly for students on other existing forms of tuition relief, the reduction will be applied to net tuition.

For HDR students, the relief will be applied to your next invoice.

If I decide not to study in Semester 2, will the 20% tuition fee relief be available in a future semester?

No, the tuition fee relief is only available for Semester 2.

Will the Student Amenities Fee be levied in Semester 2?

The Student Amenities Fee will not be charged in Semester 2.

What are the key dates for Semester 2?

Enrolment through eStudent will be available on 8 May for students to finalise their Semester 2 enrolment. No enrolment penalties will apply for Semester 2.

Orientation activities will commence on Wednesday 20 May.

Semester 2 will start on Monday 25 May. 

A normal 12-week teaching semester will follow.

All exams will be completed and assessment due before the conclusion of the semester on Friday 21 August.

All clinical placements will continue as scheduled unless the placement provider decides to suspend student access. In such cases, students that are impacted will be contacted individually and alternative arrangements made.

Students will not be required to attend placements if they are uncomfortable with the risks they face in that environment.  In these circumstances, alternative learning and assessment activities will be devised.

Please ensure you do not attend placements if you are unwell, particularly if you are experiencing fever or respiratory symptoms. If you are not able to attend, follow usual sick leave processes to notify the relevant people.

If your placement is in a healthcare service, follow the advice of health authorities and your placement provider in terms of personal hygiene, including hand washing and coughing/sneezing etiquette, and follow the protocols, procedures and advice from your clinical supervisor regarding the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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