Bond Open Day

Who'll be my lecturer?
Is your equipment the same as what's used in industry?
How easy is it to switch courses?
What's the best way to meet people?
What is a Bond Transformer?
What's the difference between a lecture and a tutorial?

There's no better way to get the answers you need about Bond, than Open Day. Because it's the one day of the year our staff and our lecturers will all be in the one place. They're at your service. No question too tough; no question too simple. We guarantee you'll get the answers you're looking for!

It's also a great chance to see Bond's amazing campus for yourself. Access all areas and go behind the scenes with a guided tour. 

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Open Day Program

From campus tours to information sessions, fireworks to food trucks, there's so much to explore at Bond Open Day. Check out the program and start planning your Open Day.  


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